Sunday, March 30, 2014

~ Earth Hour 2014 with Spider-Man as Superhero Ambassador ~

5th year into our participation of the Earth Hour and this is the biggest turn-out I have ever seen at the Float. Thanks to Spider-Man - Earth Hour's first Superhero Ambassador, the cast of Amazing Spider-Man 2 joined WWF supporting and celebrating the annual global movement event!

Apart from being mindful of the global warning issues and put in our efforts to save our Plant earth, Earth Hour has also gradually become a family day out for us.

It was a beautiful evening and the view along Marina Bay was gorgeous! 
The light display from i Light 2014

There was a huge crowd on the floating platform and we decided not to venture in further. We met up with Johnny and his family and stayed comfortably underneath the Helix bridge.The best view where we can catch a glimpse of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) was on the big screen. "Steady La" seems to be one of the phrase our Spidey was learnt during his visit.

Apart from Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and director Marc webb have also arrived to grace the event

Countdown starts to switch off the lights - marking Earth Hour Blue...
Lights OFF!

It's back to serenity after the lights off. 

(Photo credit : Johnny Tan)

So what were the children doing all this while? 
They were enjoying the company of their friends (Johnny's kiddos). Our feisty, young chaps ended up running and playing with the bubbles.

Although we did not get to the floating platform and get up close with Spidey due to the crowd, it was an enjoyable night. Earth Hour 2014 was Awesome and we look forward to Earth Hour 2015.

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