Friday, March 21, 2014

~ Garden photo walkway at Bayfront ~

Normally we will drive in to Gardens by the Bay or walk over to the gardens from Marina Bay Sands. With Hubby missing in action (due to his work commitment), the kids and I took the train down to Bayfront MRT instead. 

We were delightfully surprised by the wall photos in the underground link after we made our exit. Photos of lustful green trees and colourful flowers along both sides of the walls captivated our hearts almost instantly.

The children initiated to pose besides the photo walls and we ended spending the next 30 minutes acting as models and taking fun shots! I love the vibrant colours and how Denver & Gladys were so natural posing against the different photo themes. Never did we expect the photo gallery wall to bring us so much entertainment and in a mere half hour time, we created our very own studio like photo album.

Location: Underground link (Bayfront MRT - Exit B)

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