Sunday, August 6, 2017

Family Fun Shoot Out with Canon EOS M10

Last Saturday, we had an awesome family shoot out with the friendly folks of Canon and met up with other family bloggers! On top of that, each family also has a pokemon friend to tag along! What a surprise! We are happy to have Pikachu as our family buddy and we love our bright yellow friend's sunshine smile as it cheers our day instantly!

Family bloggers met up at South Beach Avenue and it has been ages since our last visit. So much has changed and there are actually many photogenic spots surrounding the conserved buildings with a history dating back to old Beach Road Camp days. Today, these buildings have been redeveloped to become the latest lifestyle destination with various F&B and retail concepts.

While exploring the area, we have to find the designated spot and complete each task by taking a photo based on the requirements. All photos are taken with Canon EOS M10.

#1 : Jump shot with the Waves 
Doesn't sound too hard as we are a BIG FAN of JUMP SHOTS! Unfortunately, Gladys injured her knee on the escalator a few days ago, Denver just completed his 2.4km run in the morning, hubby got a big blister on his foot and I have a bad knee which makes non of us really 'fit' for jumping. (*Wait! We still have Pikachu!) Still the kiddos lifted themselves multiple times in the air just for me to capture their best moments with Pika of course!

Jump shots are fun and Canon EOS M10 did a great job at capturing a clear image. Switch to multiple shots and our models simply do their leaps. Even novice like myself can capture jump shots easily with the camera. Plus its not heavy to carry around.

Hello Pikachu!

#2 : Miniature shot
I probably spent the most amount of time figuring out how to take miniature photos as I was clueless on how to create the effect. Thankfully, Denver gave me some ideas and we were able to somewhat make our cute Pikachu appears a lot smaller visually. A bit of bokeh effect seems to work pretty well here too.

#3 : Different angles
We explored the surrounding conserved buildings, trying to see it from a different perspective and angle. Interestingly, each of us has a preferred favourite spot. I like the row of windows as it is a nice resting area for the tired ones.

One of my favourite photos : A blend of historical and city landscape.

 Hubby love the stairways and I like the mosaic tiles on it. 

I set to auto mode on Canon EOS M10 and I like how easy it is to snap quick and sharp pictures. We were always on the move and carrying it around is not really a burden at all.

#4 : OOTD shot
My favourite photo of the day. I love the way how the children got into their most natural position quickly. Their pose tells it all and poor Pikachu has to be in the center of their little 'squabble'! Be gentle on my ears please!

#5 : Family photo shot
Oh! I forgot to mention! It is so easy to take family photo with Canon EOS M10. With the 3 inch tilt-type LCD monitor, taking selfie or wefie is not a hassle anymore. Even Gladys can handle the camera and take this shot gorgeously. This means next time I do not need to hold on to the camera anymore and I can stand at the back (so that my face does not look as big and round!)

Another unique family shot - but where are the adults? Hubby and I joined hands to form the heart with our kiddos in the center. :) Guess who is holding the camera?

#6 : Unique shot with 天天
I didn't know that 天天向上 Art Exhibition is going on in Raffles City and was totally clueless on where to find this figurine! Thanks to fellow bloggers who gave the directions and we managed to locate it.

A little awkward thinking how to pose uniquely with Tian Tian with the crowd around but our kiddos and hubby got into position quickly too. At one point, I thought it was a basketball/netball match - fighting for Pikachu. Then, I realized how tall our boy is standing side by side with his Daddy! Of course he is still shorter compared to Daddy but it was also this moment that I see how much our kids have grown. Taller, stronger and wiser...

Luckily we are not dressed in green.. else will we look like 'Statue of Liberty'?!

It was an awesome day out and we had loads of fun going on a parent-children photo outing. Special thanks to Canon, we had a healthy lunch at Real Food - serving vegetarian food, free from artificial preservatives, trans-fat and processed ingredients.

Love this photo too! But why am I not inside this photo!?? Took it too quickly at the traffic light junction before it turns green.

The photo experience with Canon EOS M10 is very positive as well and I like the feel and grip of the camera. Quality of the photos turn out well and it is pretty user-friendly for beginners like myself. Its probably time to consider getting a new camera for better quality pictures for our future family trips. August is my birthday month, maybe this would be my upcoming birthday present? ^_^

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - Zhong She Flower Market (中社观光花市)

Day 2 into our Taiwan Trip. We engaged a driver to take us from Taoyuan to Taichung. If you wish to know the driver's contacts, visit our itinerary link here. Our priority was to visit the places of interest first before checking in to the hotel in Taichung in the evening. Hence, we started travelling out early in the morning after checking out from Audi Garden Business Hotel (Taoyuan).

We arrived at Zhong She Flower Market at 1020am. It took us about 1.5 hour to travel from Taoyuan to 中社观光花市 (Taichung). We thought that the weather will be cooler in the November months but it was exceptionally sunny and hot! Nevertheless, if you are flower lovers, this is one of the place to be.

Depending on your day of visit, the flowers bloom at different months. For example, you can catch Tulips between January to March and Sunflowers between May to October. You will be amazed by the myriads of flowers at the fields.

Zhong She Flower Market has breathtaking gardens with a zesty European flair. Many are surrounded by the theme of love with backdrops suitable for wedding photo shots. We may not be in our pretty gowns or smart suit but love is in the air.

The main attraction is the flower fields. Each plot has different vibrant colours of flowers in full bloom. Visitors love to walk into the center of the field and take gorgeous shots of themselves in the midst of the flower bed.

Love the swings and piano that they place in the middle of the flower field. Giving an extra romantic feel and touch. 

Apart from admiring the flowers, children get to feed fish by the pond as well. You can purchase fish feed on the spot and the fishes can be clearly seen in the waters. With the cloudless blue sky at the backdrop, the clear waters gave a nice mirror image of the beautiful scenery.

We were extremely lucky to meet a friendly guy with an iron mask on. I called him "彩虹达人" as he is in a colourful rainbow suit bringing joy to the visitors with his creative and wacky photo shots.

Its a bird... its a plane... its.....

Pick us up!

We spent about 1.5 hours at Zhong She Flower Market before heading out for lunch. Plan your itinerary and check out the website for more details.

Zhong She Flower Market (中社观光花市)
Address: No.469-13, Sanfeng Road, Houli District, Taichung City 421 

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon - Fri), 9am - 9pm (Sat - Sun)
Entrance Fee: Adult (NT120), Child (NT60)

Date of visit: 13 Nov 2016

Friday, July 21, 2017

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - Gaomei Wetlands (高美湿地)

When I was planning the itinerary for our trip to Taiwan, Gaomei Wetlands (高美湿地) was top on my list. It was a little off from the central area in Taichung and not as accessible or near to public transportation. Qingshui district is probably the nearest for tourists to get to Gaomei. Nevertheless, we were determined and arranged for transportation to bring us to our destination.

Gaomei Wetlands is located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River and more than a thousand hectares in size. Its land has a special mix of both sand and soil textures providing complicated yet rich wetland ecology. This is the perfect place to observe crabs, mud-skippers, fishes and migratory birds.

Apart from its biological diversity, the enchanting landscape is what makes Gaomei Wetlands popular among locals, tourists and photographers.  The rows of turbo windmills with the setting sun as the backdrop is simply romantic and mesmerizing. As our vehicle drove past the windmills, I cannot help myself to exclaim with joy and excitement!

As we took a longer time visiting the other places of interests, and then got caught in the traffic, we arrived at Gaomei Wetlands a little later than expected (~4.40pm) and the sun was almost setting!

Tips: Sunset in Taiwan has different timings than in Singapore so you do have to make sure you plan your itinerary well to arrive before the sunset and when the tide is the lowest if you wish to walk on the wetlands.

Beautiful patches of sedges growing on the wetlands. 

The wooden boardwalk stretching 800m into the wetlands was recently constructed to preserve the delicate environment of the sedge grassland. During high tides, you can walk out towards the sea. At low tides, take a walk down to the wetlands to catch crabs, mudskippers and even shellfish!

It was pretty crowded when we arrived. Make sure you don't lose sight of your children especially the younger ones. Thankfully the weather was rather cooling in the November month and we got to enjoy the evening breeze and catch the sunset!

Many stopped to take pictures of the setting sun.

Windmills, wetlands and the sunset. :)

If the tide is low, you can take off your footwear and soak your feet into the waters. Many left their footwear on the boardwalk. If you are not afraid of losing it, you can do the same. We follow suit and left our sandals among the multiple pairs on the platform praying hard that they are still there upon our return. Thankfully we found our pairs after our walk.

Tips: If you are planning to visit Gaomei Wetlands on a low tide, suggest that you wear light, avoid long dress, pants or jeans. Wear slippers or sandals instead of sports shoes. You can bring along a plastic bag and put your slippers into your bag and carry along.

View of the boardwalk from the wetlands.

Many little crabs can be found on the wetlands. We spotted families carrying buckets and spades and digging through the sand looking for crabs.

Hubby is always awesome with crabs.

The wetlands is incredibly clean! The waters feels cool and it did not leave any mud particles on our soles. No worries about having to wash your feet later at all!

Gaomei Wetlands is a great spot for taking photographs. The backdrop is beautiful and we enjoyed the fresh air. Indeed a rare gem to visit in Taichung.

Don't miss out taking the reflective mirror images on the wetlands. The waters is so clear and you can take many fun shots!

We ventured pretty far out into the wetland and the sky is turning dark very fast. Despite wanting to stay a little longer, we have to make our way back to the boardwalk and bid farewell to the wetlands.

As we were walking back, the boardwalk were off limits for visitors to enter. It was very dark and we have to watch our steps. Do take note of the timings of the tides to avoid disappointment.

Gaomei Wetlands is simply gorgeous! Truly a great wonderland where the land meets the sea. Next time if you are in Taichung, do set aside some time to visit the wetlands and enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

- Check out the tide timings - http://www.gaomei.com.tw/gaomeiwetland-tide-month/
- Wear light and comfortable clothing (avoid long dress/pants)
- Wear comfortable footwear (recommend slippers/sandals)
- Bring along your cameras for best photo shots.
- Visit in the evenings for sunset view!
- Plan your time of arrival and check out the weather.

More photos at BPDGTravels Facebook Page



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