Wednesday, March 26, 2014

~ Sketches - Wonders you can do with shading ~

I love to doodle and I just can't stop when I start working on a piece of picture. While I'm not good with using paints, I started doing a lot of shading and working on black and white drawings which attract me just as well.

Black and white sketches always gives me a very nostalgic yet classy feel. The entire picture stands out in its simplicity with the different intensity of the pencil strokes.

Recently, I did a sketch of Elsa and Anna in their childhood. The effects of shading truly enhance your drawing and giving it a 3D look. Either versions are great as colouring pages and I ended making copies of it.

I also participated in the Project Jewel Contest - An Art Project where participants can submit photos or drawings which draws upon your imagination. Here's what I perceived in my mind as I closes my eyes and visualize.

Sketches may look dull initially, but with creativity and more effort, it can bring you wonders that you can never imagine.

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