Sunday, March 9, 2014

~ LightSeeker Musical - Seeking Courage and Light~

It was our very first Musical and WE LOVED IT! LightSeeker - the 2 hour RWS Musical has so much more within that we were completely mesmerized by the stage setup, costumes, make-up, stunts, songs and it's story revolving around The General and his battle to pursue The Light that will make his ominous master The Emperor more powerful.

Usha, the witch craves for power and grabs every opportunity to take over the command from The General. With her help, The General captures Nova, an enigmatic girl who seems to have the ability to create The Light, he discovers that he is not able to control her and begins to question himself the only world he was ever known. The General must make a choice - to be secure in the dark world he knows, or embrace a new world with The Light.

We do not get to catch musicals like this due to the ticketing prices. Thanks to the contest conducted by SengkangBabies, it was a dream comes true for us. Our first entry to the Resort World Theatre filled with excitement and anticipation!

LIGHTSEEKER - We are here to seek courage and light.

Denver was so HAPPY !
We were seated along the 4th row from the stage. The central seats gave us a very good view of all the actors and actresses! 

The show put up by performers from London's West End began with a groundbreaking special effects and stunts that blew us off! I thought I was watching the Avatar movie for a moment. Most importantly, the songs are composed by our local songwriter Dick Lee!

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I love the stunts put up by the performers. A close up at how they executed each movement gracefully truly earn the applause and respect from the audience. The songs were beautiful and melodic, especially "The Light Within" that touches our hearts.

There's always surprises at each interval of the musical which captivated us throughout the show. If you think the beginning was great, you will be even more dazzled with what's coming up next! LightSeeker - a musical filled with magic and fantasy suitable for the entire family to enjoy. Thumbs Up!

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