Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~ Cold Storage Kids Run 2012 - Part 2 ~

The temperature is rising and its Gladys' and my turn to get ready for our Sunshine Orange Chase run! Frankly speaking, I have not been running for ages and I am feeling a bit jittery. Our feisty girl is unlike her mommy and is very determine to complete her run and earn her medal!

Together with our friends, we waited at the holding area. ^_^ It's great to have them participating in the same running category. Parents and children can have more interactions and fun!

Say "Hi"!

Let's take a quick close-up look at our three little runners for the Sunshine Orange Chase run.

After much anticipation, we finally joined in the starting line! It was a sunny day and the weather was very humid. Parents were standing under the hot sun with their children. Despite the heat and feeling being roasted, you can still sense and see the excitement beaming of their faces.

 Moving closer to the starting line. :)
At the sound of the horn, off we go!

This is the first time I witness Gladys pushing herself very hard and putting in all her effort to complete her 800m run. She made her dash and I was 'chasing' after her with my camera, taking photos and 'losing' a lot of energy! Thanks to the cheerleaders and volunteers who were stationed at the side giving our kiddos and parents lots of cheer and support along the way!

 Gladys earning her medal and certificate for completing her run! Yipee!
What's best after a good workout? Collecting our goodie bags and re-energizing ourselves with healthy fruits! There's kiwis, bananas and oranges for all! Not forgetting getting our free cups of drinks at the booths.
The children knew exactly what to do to keep themselves entertained and relaxed. Let's have a game of "Heart-attack"! The more the merrier! ^_^

It's time to go and bid farewell to our friends. Gladys is unwilling to leave the crowd but we have to make our way home. :(

The Cold Storage Kids Run is a great running event for the entire family. It was like a huge gathering place where we got to meet up with more friends and families. Denver and Gladys have shown a lot of endurance and we are proud of them. Our kiddos even asked when will be their next running event - probably to add more medals to their collection!

* Thank you Juliana (URA) for inviting our family to the Cold Storage Kids Run.

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