Monday, May 7, 2012

~ Experience the Sky, Land and Sea Adventure this Holiday! - Part 3 ~

The view from the Singapore Flyer is just as breathtaking as ever. The ~30 minutes ride is a pleasure as you take flight and look at our beautiful country from the very top.

Gladys was feeling very excited, a little bit nervous and insecure about getting near to the glass panels initially. After some warm up and some assurance, she is back to her bubbly, adventurous self once more.

Singapore Flyer is one of the favourite spot to view the F1 Race. You can get a good view of the race event and experience the Vroom Vroom from the top.

Another view of the Sandspark. Seems like there are a lot of visitors today. :) 

We are at the peak!

and we are moving down....

The Singapore skyline has changed with the completion of the Marina Bay Sands and the addition of the Art Science Museum and Helix Bridge.

Soon, we will witness the completion of the Supertree Grove and Gardens by the Bay!

This plot of land will sure be a beauty in lights lit up in the night.

Construction still on-going for the new stadium

While the adults were memorized by the paranoma view, our kiddos are having fun. Denver sure had a good amount of arm exercise for the day and he is not complaining at all!

Denver has been very caring to his new little "sister". Holding her hands, running with her and carrying her around. I felt really heart warming looking at the photos of him holding on to her as they look out of the flyer. They really enjoyed each other's company.

Family shot in the Singapore Flyer.

Our final part of the Adventure tour is taking the Open-top bus tour

The land ride will take us from the Singapore Flyer, passing by the Esplanade, Clarke Quay, Riverside Point, Old Supreme Court, Padang, Suntec City Mall and finally back to the Singapore Flyer.

That ends our Sky-Land-Sea Adventure for the day. It was a quick weekend break away from the midst of examination preparations that Denver is under-going. Hopefully this serves as a well deserved relaxation for him and he can get his engine back on.

Our family would like to extend our thanks to Joleen and Maritez for assisting us with the ticketings and directing us throughout the tour.

Special thanks to Lynn and Vivien who have been hosting us at the Singapore Flyer today. Not forgetting OMY for the invitation. We have learned a lot and our children had fun. ^_^


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