Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~ Experiencing the Food Revolution ~

19th May - We headed down to Biopolis Way - the Lawn to experience the Food Revolution Day! Thanks to Derrick for the invitation, we got to meet up with other food bloggers and witness their passion for real, good food.

It was our first attending such events and there are a couple of activities planned for the day. This includes cooking demos, games, talks, photo session, performances etc. Pretty impressed with all the effort the organisers have put in!

We also explored the various booths set up at the Lawn. Not only are these food healthier, its taste are not being comprised.

Glad that we brought our kiddos along as Denver is very fond of good food. He would take his own initiative to sample the food/drinks around. ^_^ Upon arrival, Denver & Gladys thought they will be able to meet Jamie Oliver in person when they saw the "Food Revolution" signage! Well, to cushion their disappointment, at least they got to meet Uncle Derrick, Uncle Andy and their kiddos!

Ice-cream - Children's all time favourite! Too bad it is not available in a smaller cup and hence we are not able to try the other flavours. $10 for a big big cup and all the children gather to share. Just looking at their expression and you can tell if they are enjoying their dessert!

The food demo and games were a good exposure for our kiddos. Initially I thought they may not be interested but they sat in and were intrigued by how food can be fun at the same time. ^_^ It was not only entertaining but also educating for our little ones!

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