Sunday, May 6, 2012

~ Experience the Sky, Land and Sea Adventure this Holiday! - Part 2 ~

We are back on land and our adventure continues. This time, we met up with a couple of parent bloggers and their kiddos. Very soon, we realised Denver & Gladys have found a new friend! They only got together for a few minutes but the bonding between them makes us felt that they have known each other for ages! They were holding hands together throughout our Sky journey. ^_^

The second part of the tour is visiting the interactive gallery - Journey of Dreams which was officially opened in April 2011. If you ever wondered how the Singapore Flyer was erected, you will find your answers at The Discovery. The round multi-media display (time machine) has a dial where you can turn and observe the various stages in constructing the wheel. Very cool!

The children were having fun with the animated wall that is projecting a myriad of images of rotating circles.

I simply LOVE this picture! It's not easy to capture a nice shot of the kiddos and I love their expression here. ^_^ Adorable!

We moved on to the Fragments of Dreams where you will find torches and another interactive wall depicting a portrait of olden Singapore. As our kiddos shine the torches onto the wall, areas on the wall will be highlighted. This is a combination where Singapore's past and present come together to tell the story of its people's hope and aspirations.

Don't miss out on the Dream Journal where you take a peek through the holes and read about Singapore's history and heritage. 

Family photo at every stop. ^_^

Dream of Reflections - passageway of reflection and award gallery. :)

We are at the final section of the gallery - Reservoir of Dreams. Here you will find 3 artifacts namely the Oneinol's Orb, The Planet and The Numeric. The "Oneroi’s Orb" is a tactile display using spherical and circular objects to represent the dream that shaped Singapore Flyer. I missed taking a photo of "The Planet" which is indicated as an inflated PufferSphere. Finally, "The Numeric" is a fun way to recap on the physics and physique of the Singapore Flyer.

Finally, we are getting on board the Singapore Flyer standing at 165 metres tall with our friends. :)

Stay tune to our flight journey on the flyer.

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