Monday, May 21, 2012

~ Review - New Dettol Natural Body Wash ~

Many are familiar with the household brand Dettol. It is also commonly known to us as a disinfectant wash and we started using Dettol's handwash product and antiseptic liquid to fight against Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) many years ago. Since then, we have been using it to keep our home clean and germs free. :)

Recently, Dettol has launched its newest range of body wash, Dettol Natural - Nourishing and Soothing and we decided to give it a go.

Hubby and I tried both body wash for a couple of days and we find Dettol Natural lathers pretty well. Unlike the other body wash that we used, it does not produce as much foam. We like it this way as it is easier to wash off the soap and still leave a refreshing feeling after bath.

Dettol Natural also does not have the typical strong Dettol smell that we will usually relate to. Instead, we are welcome with a nice herbal scent. Unfortunately, the scent does not linger on the body for very long, which is a pity! It would be nice to smell for a prolong period especially if I have  showered and am going out. Personally, I have a greater preference for Nourishing as it feels more refreshing and I like the scent better.

Our kiddos were not aware of the new body wash but their eyes were very sharp in spotting them in my bathroom before bedtime. The next moment, you find them trying out the products and taking turns to use the different body wash on different nights! I can overhear them making an agreement within themselves - "I am taking Green", "Me taking Yellow". ^_^

After 2 nights, it's pretty obvious which are our kiddos' preferred choice. Denver & Gladys seem to love Dettol Natural body wash as they have temporarily forsaken the current one that they are using.

Below summarize how we felt about Dettol Natural body wash in short. ^_^

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Dettol Natural Body Wash was provided by Dettol.

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