Sunday, May 27, 2012

~ Cold Storage Kids Run 2012 - Part 1 ~

20th May 2012 - Cold Storage Kids Run was held at the Padang last Sunday and it had a huge turnout, marking a very successful event! It is also very memorable for our family as this is the first time we participate in the Cold Storage Kids Run. It was also Denver's first competitive run and me running with Gladys for the 800m chase.

We arrived early in the morning as Denver needs to report for his Sporty Red Dash run at 7:40am. Despite the early hours, you can see the excitement and anticipation from the little runners.

The tentages for the holding area (before individual runs) and pick up area have been set up. It was very organized and measures were taken where parents can pick their children after the race.

We met up with Sengkangbabies and our group of kiddos are all gear up for their run!

While waiting, we spotted a lot of mascots and had fun snapping photos with them. This chicky actually had the same name as me - "Singapura Phoebe"! Oh My! ^_^

 Cold Storage mascot
 Dora the Explorer! Do they look alike? ^_^
Sponge Bob Square Pants making his way in!

Finally, the boys are getting ready for their Sporty Red Dash run!

They waited patiently at the holding area. Did you feel any anxiety or anticipation on their faces?

I managed to spot Denver among the boys who are participating in the run. He looked good and all set to cross the finish line.

Different mascots are here to give the children their cheer and support!

At the sound of the horn, off they run!

Daddy and Mommy is extremely PROUD of Denver completing his very first 1.6km run! He took about 10mins + and was very tired. But I believe there was a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Not forgetting getting his medal for completing the run! GOOD JOB!!!

Next on is Gladys running with Mommy in the 800m Sunshine Orange Chase run! How will we fare? Stay tune as more cuteness and excitement will be unveiled! ^_^

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