Friday, July 29, 2011

~ Road Safety Community Park @ East Coast ~

I still recall my very first school trip to the Road Safety Community Park was when I was Primary 6. That will about 20 years ago! It was an eye opener for me then as students (from different schools) get to play different roles (e.g. pedestrian, motorists etc) and learn the road safety tips in a stimulated traffic environment. I believe this is still being conducted today in the effort to teach our young ones the potential dangers on the roads and the importance to observe the traffic rules.

The Road Safety Community Park - 910 East Coast Park Service Road Singapore 449889

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and we specially took a trip down to East Coast Park and have a look at the park. We only spotted one or two families where their young ones are cycling on the tracks. The admin building was closed and there are a few mini structures scattered around the park.

Upon taking a closer look, you will notice the traffic lights, lamp posts, road signs, bus stops etc have been built to a smaller scale to suit the children. Although we didn't get to spot any 'vehicles' or activities, we walked around the Safety Park where Denver & Gladys had a good exposure to it's surroundings and purpose.

Crossing the zebra crossing, checking out the traffic lights and sign boards but nothing beats holding on to the petrol pump which seems to be the most exciting thing for them since they won't get to hold the real thing now.

The children also walked up the mini overhead bridge where many of us often tries to take a short cut instead. Hence, it is important that parents lead by example and teach our children the correct road safety habits for them to follow.

The Road Safety Park brings back many fond memories and it is really nice to be back here again with our kids. It's a pity though that we are not able to gather more information on it's opening and services/activities. Hopefully in time to come, the public will be expose to the existence of this park and  more parents and children can drop by and have a look.


--andy-- said...

it would be nice if those pedal bikes are available during weekends too

LuPorTi said...

Wow! There is such a park in Singapore. It's really a great and educational place to visit for kids.

Phoebe said...

Hi LuPorTi, the park has been there since my childhood days. It's a bit run down but still good place for the children.

Andy, yalor.. it will be great to see those bikes. Think its mainly for school events.

Mimi said...

My eight-year-old son is a transportation fan, so this will definitely be in our itinerary the next time we visit Singapore. Thanks for posting about sites such as this that we tourists normally would NOT know even existed.

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