Sunday, July 10, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 6 ~

17th June, 6:30AM - We were up early as we need to get ready to have our breakfast, check-out and catch our coach.

7:10AM - Most of the shops are not opened or ready for business yet but we managed to find a coffeeshop and quickly settle in for our breakfast.

8:15AM - After washing up, we checked out of Syuen hotel and took 2 cabs down to Five Stars bus company.

8:45AM - Since we are taking the 9:30AM coach, we need to report at 9AM. That's the coach that we'll be taking back to Singapore.

9:30AM - The coach departs on time and here's where we will say good bye to Ipoh! Five Stars have given each passenger a little bag containing an apple, a corn bread and a bottle of mineral water. We spent the next 6-7 hours playing, watching movie and sleep.

12:00PM - The children didn't have much complains along the trip. They are seasoned bus travellers and the games and movie screenings helped to keep them entertained. Seatings are comfortable and these have helped to make our return trip with ease.

5:10PM - This is a welcoming sight that we have long for. We are back in Singapore! Hugz!


Mrs Sze said...

Hihi .. Your blog is very informative! A great reference for planning trips, either for local or overseas :)

Phoebe said...

Hi Mrs Sze,

Many thanks for visiting! I am glad the information will be helpful. ^_^

Have a good weekend :)

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