Sunday, July 10, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 5 (Part 3) ~

16th June, 2:00PM - On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by Old Town White Coffee again. Only this time with Bbil's family and the children.

The children want to have a taste of the white coffee and so we ordered 2 cups to share. :) Verdict - they love it! ^_^ Licking and slurping the drinks to the very last drop.

3:00PM - While Hubby took the children back to the hotel to rest, Mommy took some personal time off to shop at Parkson. :p

4:30PM - Back at Syeun to rest.

6:30PM - We were in search for dinner.. spotted a restuarant but guess where we ended ourselves in?

..... KFC! hahahahha. Well, we aren't really hungry and Daddy always interested to try out all the KFC outlets at different places.

Another reason is also because we can shop at The Store which is located just across the KFC building.

8:30PM - It's getting late and the children are tired. We made our very last attempt to walk at the night market and also passed by Ong Kee restaurant. You can see that they have many patrons and business is really good.

10:00PM - All the children stayed in the hotel room playing with their PSPs, while the adults went down for a quick supper.

Every night, there are a stretch of food stalls being setup near Syeun Hotel selling Kway Tiao, Rice, Satays etc. Bbil, bsil, hubby and I sat down and had satays and kway teow for our supper. It's rare that we can sit down together and enjoy a peaceful and quiet meal without the kids. :)

10:45PM - By the time we returned back to our rooms, Gladys has fallen asleep and the boys are still engaging in games. We packed our luggages and rested for the night.

To be continued...

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