Sunday, July 3, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 4 (Part 1) ~

15th June, 6:00AM - Time to wake up! We started our day early to catch our bus to Ipoh. After having an early breakfast, we proceeded with checking-out of First World Hotel. Denver and Gladys did not have enough fun yet, but it's time to move on.

7:30AM - Before departing, we already checked that it was the Genting Skyway's maintenance day. Hence, we waited to catch the free shuttle bus down to the lower station. The weather in the morning was extremely cold. While waiting, we took some photos together.

Group Photos @ Genting.

8:30AM - We reached the Genting Skyway Lower station - Bus terminal in about 30 minutes. The ticket counter has not opened when we arrived and so Hubby queue up in line while we took a rest and looked after the luggages.

9:00AM - We are taking the bus to Puduraya station (KL) costing us a total of RM33.50 (RM4.60 for adult, RM3.50 for child) and transferring to another bus to Ipoh. It will be another couple of hours before we reached our destination. In the meantime, it's nap time!

10:00AM - Puduraya Station. The newly renovated Pudu has really changed a lot from how I have last seen it in my previous visit many many years ago. The surrounding is new and brightly lighted, giving it a refreshing look. We alighted at the terminal station and Hubby and Bbil went up to purchase another bus tickets to Ipoh. I did not manage to take more photos since bsil and I were tasked to look after the children and the luggages.

10:40AM - Hubby bought 8 tickets (RM22 per pax) through Sri Maju and we set off from Puduraya station shortly. It will be another 3 hours drive up to Ipoh and during this period of time, I managed to catch a HK movie and spent the rest of the time sleeping. It is pretty rare that I get to doze off on the bus like this, the only reason must be exhaustion. On the other hand, the boys are feeling energetic still and kept themselves occupied with the games and movies.

By the time I awake, I recognise that I have reached Ipoh despite this being my first visit. Beautiful limestone mountains and cave temples along the way as the bus drives into the city.

1:20PM - Sri Maju station. This is the destination point where we alighted. Even though we just arrived, we are already checking out our return tickets to Singapore on Friday. Unfortunately, Sri Maju does not have enough VIP coach tickets which we needed.

It was getting late and everyone was tired and hungry already. There is a taxi stand at the entrance of Sri Maju station and so we took turns to take the taxi back to Syuen Hotel. The taxi uncle also directed us to the other 2 bus companies (Five Stars and Grassland) which were located across the road, where we can purchase our tickets later on.

1:50PM - Syuen Hotel is strategically located in the city and about 10-15mins drive from Sri Maju bus station. 

Denver & Gladys LOVED the hotel room so much (as compared to Genting's). Denver quoted: If First World Hotel was 3 stars, Syuen is 6 stars!) Hahahaha. The room was big, neat and tidy and there is a bathtub in the toilet. We had connecting rooms with Bbil's room and the entire running area for the children has doubled.

The view from our hotel room was great too! Shophouses, buildings and mountains at the backdrop. We get a good view of Ipoh city from our room. :)

To be continued...

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