Friday, July 29, 2011

~ Orchard Central Roof Garden ~

Last weekend, we happened to walk in to Orchard Central shopping mall and was surprised that there aren't many people inside the building despite being a weekend. Compared to it's 'neighbour' like 313, it seems unusually quiet to us.

There are many stores (F&B, Fashion, Gifts, Gadgets etc) located at the various storeys within OC. At the very topmost 11th and 12th storey of the building lies it's Magical Roof Garden where you will get a  view of Singapore's vibrant shopping district - Orchard Road.

We took a lift up to L11 and there are a couple of restaurants like Tung Lok Seafood and Victoria Peak Chinese Cuisine where diners can come here to enjoy the scenic view and quiet tranquility amidst the rush city hours.
At Level 11

Taking a flight of stairs up to L12, you will not miss the sculpture of a man walking up the stairs. (The Stairs, The Clouds and The Sky).

We are at the top of Ochard Central and there is a mini waterfall, garden with walkway and more sculptures of twirling man trying to reach out to the sky.

I believe the view at night would be gorgeous with the lightings. It might be interesting to pop by the roof garden the next time you are at Orchard Central. :)

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