Sunday, July 3, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 4 (Part 2) ~

15th June, 2:30PM - Parkson (Ipoh Parade) is located across the street which is about 5 minutes walk away from Syuen Hotel. There are various shops and eateries within the mall but we chose to settle our late lunch at the food court.

The children had Ipoh Horfun while hubby and I had the Ipoh style 猪肠粉. It's so much different from the Hong Kong style that I am accustom to but it's really delicious! Hubby had it served with curry sauce while I chose the mushroom sauce flavour. Even Hubby gave it a thumbs up and we had a good lunch.

Hubby and I took a taxi to Five Stars to purchase our bus tickets back to Singapore while the rest continues to shop at Parkson. We bought some donuts for the children before returning back to the hotel. It started raining in the late afternoon and we headed back to rest in the hotel.

6:30PM - It was still drizzling in the evening. The taxi uncle recommended us to go to Skyway for dinner but it seems to be pretty quiet and so we decided to search for the famous stall selling 芽菜鸡.

The rain continues to drizzle and not knowing exactly where to go, we asked around for directions. 安记 is very well-known in Ipoh and so most of the locals know where it is and we have no problem locating it eventually.

老黄 and 安记 are located next to each other and they are both very famous for their 芽菜鸡. 老黄 is not opened for business when we arrived and so we settle down for dinner at 安记 instead. Despite the rain, there are many people eating at the stall.

We ordered the *star dishes including 芽菜鸡, 怡保沙河粉, 猪肉丸 and 鱼丸. No complains on our orders and we enjoy our food! The beansprouts are big and fat, served in soya sauce. Chicken is also tender and delicious. The meatballs and fishballs are very Q and we finished all the kway tiao soup.

Total Cost - RM78.40 including 4 canned drinks and 4 lime juice for the 8 of us.

We also bought some Hiong Piah (香饼) from Yee Hup which is located nearby. 

8:00PM - Due to the rain, the stalls at the night market opened later than usual and there aren't a lot of people there too.

The rain is getting heavier and we head back to the hotel before the children started to fall sick.

9:00PM - We were back at Syuen. The children cleaned up and get comfy in the room while Hubby and I went to the lobby to plan on where to go and makan tomorrow. 

11:00PM - Denver & Gladys were sound asleep and Hubby & I got the chance to roam out in the night for supper. The rain has stopped and the street is quiet. Based on our 'research' earlier, there is an Old Town White Coffee house near Syuen hotel.

I wouldn't dare to go out on the street alone at this hour if hubby wasn't around. Most of the shops have closed and we tried to figure our way without any directions. With a little luck, we finally spotted Old Town at a corner along a stretch of shop houses.  

Even though its almost midnight, there are still patrons dining and drinking coffee with a group of friends. We ordered the Kaya & Butter Toast (Double) from "My Supper" menu which comes with a cup of hot white coffee.

Hubby and I don't drink coffee but I think it wasn't too bad. Too bad the bread was a bit cold else it will be extra nice and crispy. :)

12:00AM - Back at Syuen and bedtime.

To be continued...

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