Saturday, May 16, 2015

Singapore's Old Playground - The Dragon

Among Singapore' Old Playground series, the Dragon is my favourite and most vivid in my memory. Situated along Toa Payoh Lor 6, it is one of the last few remaining heritage playgrounds from the 1980s.

Today, we brought our girl to explore the Dragon playground. Instead of rubber mats, she was within the sandy pit. At first, she appeared uneasy upon stepping on the unfamiliar ground, feeling a little scared climbing up the narrow metal ladder to the top of the Dragon's head. Soon she found the trill scaling down from the Dragon's back.

Scaling the Dragon's back with Daddy.

Perfect photography spot with the Dragon's head.

Another unique feature of Singapore's Old Playground is the mosaic tiles where their colours did not fade over the test of time. 

Sitting on top of the Dragon's head and only to realise there are the Dragon's teeth!

The slides are narrower and you can tell with Daddy attempting to fit in. 

After a few climbs up the ladder, our girl no longer finds it daunting and she was having fun moving up and sliding down.

The presence of Daddy definitely gave her a lot of support and confidence. It was precious Daddy and Daughter time at the playground.

It was a pity the swings no longer stands but our girl don't mind sinking her hands and feet into the sand for as long as she can.

If you are looking for the Dragon Playground with the sand pit, do check out the one standing at Toa Payoh Lor 6.


Ai Sakura said...

it looks quite different now without the HDB flats behind...

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Anonymous said...

Simplicity at its best! On the contrary, nowadays the playgrounds are so sophisticated.

Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

mummybean said...

This has become such an icon in recent years! I'm glad it's being preserved.

Unknown said...

The last time I tried to go to this playground, I walked ALL the way from the MRT to the playground along the main road, only to discover there was no slope for me to push my stroller up to the playground and the kid had fallen asleep along the way. No fate with the dragon...

Unknown said...

haha never been to any of these iconic Dragon playgrounds with my son although I remember playing in them as a kid...

Great photos!

Audrey @ SAys! Happy Mums

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