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Media Invite - Oyster & Salmon Special Menu at Kinsa Sushi HillV2

We were invited to Kinsa Sushi at HillV2 to try out their Oyster & Salmon special menu which will be launching in the month of May till June in celebration of Mother's day and Father's day.

Kinsa Sushi began its journey with it's first restaurant in Jubilee Square - Ang Mo Kio (closed). Now, it has embarked on another venture into the west at Hillview Rise.

Introducing the first 'levitating' (no track) sushi belt in Singapore at Kinsa Sushi - A modern food presentation

Kinsa Sushi believes in serving high quality cuisine to their customers at an affordable price. 3 to 4 times weekly shipment of high quality seafood into the restaurant ensures the freshness and premium quality of their dishes at any time of the day. 

In celebration of Mother's Day (May) and Father's Day (June), Kinsa sushi will be launching an Oyster and Salmon Special Menu Promotion from 10 May to 30 June 2015! If you are a big fan of Salmon or Oyster, this will be a golden opportunity to indulge in the goodness of these ingredients in various forms of preparation!

Image source: Kinsa Sushi

Let's take a look at the 'appetizers'.

The Oyster is juicy and fresh. One slurp into the mouth tasted completely heavenly and I did not feel it was overly fishy, thanks to the ponzu sauce.

Oyster with Ponzu Sauce ($7.90) - 1 piece

This is one of my favourite! Topped with salmon roe, which tasted lightly salted. The individual eggs popped in the mouth instantly. A layer of Japanese yam separates the roe and raw salmon meat. Combined with a bit of wasabi, slices of salmon tasted extremely pleasing and exciting to our palates.

Salmon and Roe with Japanese Yam ($6.90) - 1 glass

Next on - the Hotpots! 

General serving of fresh oysters, filled with vegetables within the pot. The broth is clear, refreshing and not too salty.

Oyxter and Vegetable Hotpot ($24.90) - Kaki Nabe

I love the sweetness and tenderness of the salmon meat. Have always been a big fan of Salmon Kamaage and was delighted to see the fins in the pot as I feel that portion of the meat is the juiciest. The salmon broth is thicker and taste creamier than the oyster broth but both are great to go with rice!

Salmon and Vegetable Hotpot ($16.90) - Ishikari Nabe

After having some soup, let's take a look at the grilled items.

Denver and Gladys had their eyes set on the grilled salmon fish when it was served. Simple as it may look but the salmon fillet is tasty and within minutes it was all gone.

Salmon with Butter ($11.90)

Cheesy and juicy oysters within the aluminium foil. Squeeze some lemon on top and it was another hearty dish that brought a smile on our faces. 

Grilled Oyster with Cheese ($12.90) - 2 pieces

We were ecstatic when the sushi was served. Salmon with salmon roe sushi and oyster sushi are creamy, rich in texture and definitely worth the price. It's exquisite display and freshness of the ingredients left us yearning for more!

Salmon with Ikura Sushi ($13.90) - 2 pieces and Oyster Sushi ($15.90) - 2 pieces

Finally, we have the deep fried selection on the table. Not my preferred method of food preparation as it masked off the natural goodness and freshness of the ingredients. Nevertheless, it's nice to enjoy the tempura, lightly dipped with a thin coat of batter which is not too oily.

Deep Fried Oyster with Shiso Leaf ($13.90) - 3 pieces

Deep Fried Salmon ($9.90) - 5 pieces

Kinsa Sushi will be serving the above Salmon and Oyster set meal at a promotion price for a limited period!

Oyster Set (for 2 person) - $69.90
Salmon Set (for 2 person) - $59.90
*All prices will be subjected to 10% service tax and 7% GST

Our food tasting session is not complete without sampling Kinsa Sushi's signature dish - Wagyudon 

Wagyudon ($24.80)

Do not underestimate this little bowl of rice topped with pan fried wagyu beef, poached egg and sprinkle of spring onions. Shannon Wong (co-owner of Kinsa Sushi) shared with us that they use A4 grade wagyu from Kagoshima Japan, Just look at its perfect cut and marbling on the beef, this is a must order if you are dining at Kinsa Sushi. Break the egg, give it good stir to mix all the ingredients together and you will be able to taste the tenderness and sweetness all within the bowl.

Sesame Mochi ($4) 

We ended our meal with a dessert. Unlike the other mochi, the mochi balls are less chewy and firmer. Thick black sesame filling yet not overly sweet. One of the better mochi balls that I have tasted to date. 

A sip of green tea from the teapot

Kinsa Sushi offers premium quality Japanese food at an affordable price. Do not miss the promotional items at Kinsa Sushi from May - June and also the variety of existing selections on its menu. 

Kinsa Sushi
Address: 4 Hillview Rise, #02-02, Singapore 667979
Telephone: +65 67107278

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