Friday, May 22, 2015

Ayer Hitam - Town of Pottery and Crafts

During our drive-in to Johor Bahru, we passed by Ayer Hitam. Located at one of the interchange along North-South Expressway (junction of route 1 and 50), the town is well known for pottery and crafts.

Take a walk down the streets of the laid back town and you can find more hidden gems within.

Cute stuff toys

If you are looking for assorted stuff toys of various sizes, this is definitely a place to consider and explore.

Ceremic pots, cups, bowls, plates, vases - something that you can find for your home.

Fruit stalls


Snacks and tibits

It was a hot afternoon and the streets were quiet during our visit. We had the luxury to browse through the stalls and it felt as if I was back to my childhood days. Ayer Hitam has retained its charm over the years and continues to be an attraction to the locals and tourists with it's nostalgic look and feel.

If you are travelling up to Kuala Lumpur, do consider stopping by and take some quiet moments to enjoy the craft works and potteries.

Ayer Hitam
Address: Jalan Besar, 86100, Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia
GPS: 1.917876, 103.180066


Unknown said...

No... If I go there, the kids will sure make noise about wanting to buy toys!!

Shub said...

Never knew about this place before. Looks quite near from SG. So nice to see its rustic charm!

Phoebe said...

Hahah! That's true! I myself was tempted to buy some pottery back too!

Phoebe said...

We happened to drive in as we were looking for some pottery which is really cheap. :) Never knew Ayer Hitam was such a nice town

Unknown said...

The fruits caught my eye. Do they sell durians?

Phoebe said...

hmmm. I didn't notice durians. I guess the pottery and toys caught our attention more.

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