Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Media Invite: Scrapbooking Workshop with Canon Singapore

Art and Craft has always been one of my favourite hobby hence I was extremely thrilled when Canon Singapore and Claudia invited us to join the scrapbooking workshop last Sunday. Together with other parents bloggers, we gathered at BWB (Burger Vs Wings + Bar) at Orchard Central,  all set for a fun-filled afternoon.

Advancement in technology has made printing of photos so easy and convenient. Introducing Canon PIXMA MG7570, a wireless photo all-in-one printer where you can enjoy mobile printing using the Canon PIXMA/Maxify Printing Solution app. Simply download the app, connect your mobile to the printer, select your photos and start printing!

Another interesting product which was showcased at the workshop was Canon Rayo R4 - a mini projector with built-in speaker ideal for entertainment and work purposes. The slim design makes it portable and fitting into the pocket. Its plug and play feature also enables you to display content from your smart devices to a big screen. I can imagine bringing this along to chalet where the children can gather for a late night movie.

After a sumptuous lunch provided by BWB, it was time to start scrapbooking! Claudia shared with us her personal experience and tips which were really helpful especially for newbies like us.

Coloured papers. paper doilies, pre-cut shapes and envelopes are the main resources needed for scrapbooking. 

We began by making the cover page for our scrapbook. Gladys was assigned to be the Gluing Agent since she was so fascinated by the Glue Tape. 

Then she became the Cutting Inspector where she ensures each photo has been cut perfectly. Before we began sticking deco on our scrapbook, one helpful tip would be to arrange them first before sticking it down permanently.

There are no hard and fast rules to scrapbooking. All you need is to let your imagination flows.

After 2 hours of snipping and sticking, this is our final product! 

Gladys and I had a great bonding session. We love our scrapbook and I am so inspired to start scrapbooking!

Many Thanks to Canon Singapore and Claudia for the invitation. 

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