Sunday, January 5, 2014

~ Loving the nature at SAF Changi Seaview Chalet ~

Thanks to our friend, we were able to enjoy a short staycation at SAFRA Changi Seaview Chalet before the December holidays ended. Needless to say, this continue to be our kiddos' favourite chalet because of the beach, the seaview, spacious rooms, privacy and great place for friends to gather.

The sound of the waves and horn from the ships became our alarm clock. Its absolutely refreshing sniffing in the fresh air and enjoying the sea breeze when you walked out to the balcony in the morning.

Gladys never misses going out to the beach to build her sandcastle. This time, we bought her a little sandcastle kit which really got her excited.

Gladys worked very hard digging into the sand.

We prefer to visit the beach at low tide. Hubby will be able to discover little sea creatures along the coast. Thanks to him, Gladys had 5 crabs to protect her castle! ^_^

Gladys' sandcastles and her crab protectors.

I love to see the children parking themselves in the nature than coping themselves indoors. This is where children belongs... discovering the nature and embracing it.

Denver finally put what he saw and learnt at Chek Jawa Wetlands to use. He was so happy and excited to discover a sea cucumber along the coast. After sharing his discovery with his friends, Denver released the sea cucumber back into the sea.

 Apart from the crabs, Hubby also spotted other lovely sea creatures from the sand bed. 

Snail with its wriggling head. 

Horseshoe crab with only the shell left

Hermit crab in action. We tried to be as gentle as possible.

Although it was a lovely view, it's sad to see our coastal bed filled with trash. Particularly obvious at low tide. Salute to my dearest Hubby, who always did his best to collect the rubbish along the shore. Within an hour, he managed to filled up two bags of trash. There's little one can do alone, but if everyone can do their part and not litter, our environment will definitely be a greener place to be in. The ocean creatures will also have cleaner and clearer waters as their homes.

SAFRA Changi Seaview Chalet - We love to be back again soon with greener trees and whiter beach.

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Evangeline said...

hello, my boyfriend is a saf personnel but doesnt know how to book this place? Are you/your husband able to provide any booking details? if inconvenient to leave details here, please leave your email and I will contact you. my contact email is

Phoebe said...

Hi Evangeline,

If your boyfriend is SAF personnel (Regular), he should be able to book the chalet via a system. Hope this helps.


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