Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flying Horses galloped its way to Prosperity at Chinatown

Shortly after we have welcomed the New Year, the Year of the Horse is galloping its way in another 12 days time. Its our family's annual activity to take a walk around Chinatown and within its festive bazaar despite the high volume of human traffic.

Compared to the previous year, I'm definitely loving this year's Chinese New Year deco. The majestic horse lanterns are set among trails of ancient golden coins, fitting perfectly to this year's theme - Galloping to Prosperity.

Flying horses on top. Speedy cars beneath.

More lanterns and impressive crowd! 

Gladys was able to spot balloons while squeezing and sandwiching her body through the crowd. This was her motivation to continue our walk through the festive bazaar.

Since we will be welcoming the Year of the Horse, its only natural that our feisty girl chosen a horsey shaped helium balloon.

Lovely CNY ornaments hanging around the streets. 

Traditional calligraphy in action - This uncle used gold paint and I like the strokes he adopted on the red paper.

Chinese New Year is a very important and significant festival to the Chinese and for our family. There is a lot to do as we make preparations to welcome the new zodiac. Apart from taking our children to the Chinatown Festive Bazaar, visiting the CNY fairs and stalls set up within the heartlands, buying new clothes, CNY decorations for our home and spring cleaning, we wanted our children to experience and not forget the traditions of this festival that has come a long way.

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