Monday, January 13, 2014

~ Our favourite Fried Oyster stall @ Hougang ~

I'm a Fried Oyster fan since young. Can't explain the reason why but I simply love the texture of the flour and the starchy flavour. This is a dish that people like to savour it on its own. However, I prefer to spread the fried oyster onto my plain white rice and eat it. To fry a plate of delicious fried oyster requires skill and it's not easy to find one that suit our taste bud. Moreover, one plate of small fried oyster can easily cost $4/$5.

Lucky for us, whenever we have a desire for fried oyster, the Hougang Fried Oyster stall at Hougang Avenue 8 is where we will be! The stall is managed by an old friendly husband and wife couple. We have been their faithful patrons when they were previously located near the old market at Hougang Avenue 7 (currently demolished to build a new Condominium).

Not only their fried oyster tasted heavenly, the pricing and serving portion is extremely reasonable. You can choose from $3, $4 or $5. Definitely filling and worthy for the price. :) Their oysters are medium sized and tasty. The proportion of eggs and starch is just right. While I like my Orh Luat to be watery, you can also request the owner to fry your fried oyster a little crispier which is how my hubby loves this dish to be. A scoop of white rice with Orh Luat is a PERFECT combi for me!

Our family also adores their Char Kway Teow ($2.50 or $3). They are not stingy with the cockles and I love its sweetness. Yes! I also prefer my Char Kway Teow to be watery and this dish fits it all!

Usually, we'll order a small plate of Char Kway Teow and a small plate of Fried Oyster for all to share.
The stall is located within a coffeeshop underneath a multi-storey carpark. It is our favourite dining hide-out and there are also other stalls which serves decent local food like Prata and Chze Char.

Name: Hougang Fried Oyster
Location: Blk 435A, Hougang Avenue 8 (Multi-storey carpark), S531435


--andy-- said...

This is also one of our fave stall. We would love to visit Chomp Chomp if not for the limited carpark space.

cheers, andy

Phoebe said...

Yes! Apart from the difficulty in locating the carpark, we find Chomp Chomp's food too pricey.

Bpdgtravels :)

Kuromi Angel said...

anyone happen to know the Simon road fried oyster relocate to where?

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