Friday, August 16, 2013

~ Swedish Crayfish Party - All-you-can-eat buffet at IKEA ~

After our lovely Mother's Day buffet experience at IKEA, we decided to go for their Swedish Crayfish Party spread. The "kräftskiva" (crayfish party), is usually held in August and is one of the most important social events in Sweden. Friends gather to feast on crayfish while wearing funny hats, singing and drinking.

To celebrate the event, IKEA laid colourful table cloth and place party hats on every table. There are also yummy chocolates for all dining guests. 

Trays of crayfish enough for all to indulge.

Eating crayfish is not an easy task as we have to open up the hard cover shell, but it is worth the effort for the sake of the meat within. 

Apart from the crayfish, there are also other IKEA's favourite specialty dish on the buffet line. Including meatballs, mash potato, salad, pancakes, prawns, bread etc.
Appetizers, main dishes and desserts to satisfy our tummy needs. 

I love the salad. :) Healthy and yummy.

Gladys' favourite pancake and egg tarts.

We enjoyed our dinner, free flow of drinks and the price is really reasonable. Adult price is $10 and child only need to pay $5 to enjoy the buffet spread. We are definitely looking forward to see more such buffet from IKEA.

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