Wednesday, August 28, 2013

~ 3D2N Trip to Johor Bahru - Legoland (Part 1) ~

17th June 2013 - Our first visit to Legoland Malaysia on a hazy Monday morning since its official opening in September 2012. Denver & Gladys have always been probing us when we are bringing them to the themepark and we finally fulfill their wishes.

We are Ready to Play!

To avoid the long queues, it is advisable to visit Legoland during the weekdays and avoiding the school holidays. :) We were able to try out many rides within the day and even went for second round.

LEGO CITY - Driving School. The children queued up and went for their crash course on how to drive safely. Eager parents waited outside, with their cameras as the young ones hopped into their vehicles and ready to go!

Being an amateur, there were a few 'accidents' on the road. :) Denver was able to keep to his lane and observe the traffic rules to complete his circuit. Gladys had a little hiccups on the road but she too, manage to finish her rounds.

Boating School - After learning how to drive a car, its time to learn how to operate a boat. We had a bumpy ride in the waters, banging onto other boats and having a hard time making the turns. Definitely a dizzy experience for me allowing the children to be my captain. :)

Lego City Airport - It was a breezing experience in the sky with our cute pilots! The kids were able to choose their favourite aeroplanes and compete who can fly the highest!

Rescue Academy - Harmless as it may see, but it was our worst 'nightmare'! As the name implies, our mission is to put out the fire in the shortest time. 4 fire trucks lined up at the starting point and firemen has to maneuver the lever quickly to 'move' the trucks near the house of fire. It was followed by a series of fire-fighting before we made our way back to the starting point. The fastest fire truck wins and we were really EXHAUSTED after all the hard work!  

LAND OF ADVENTURE - Lost Kingdom. This place reminds me of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster in Disneyland, only on a smaller scale. Its another round of laser blasting hunt for lost treasure.

IMAGINATION - Observation Tower. The best place to get a bird's eye view of the entire LEGOLAND. Unfortunately, the panorama view was very much discounted by the haze.

Lego Studios. With lesser crowds in the weekdays, we were able to catch all the 4D shows! We went in and out of the studio until Gladys started to get really impatient as she wanted to go and play!

Kids Power Tower - This is a really cool ride and we LOVE it! After a strenuous exercise at the Rescue Academy, my hands were pretty weary already. At the Power Tower, our arm strength is again put to test by pulling the cable with all our might to reach the top and then releasing it for a drop fall. Whooo Hooo!

Build & Test - Another favourite area for our kiddos. We spent nearly an hour here building our fastest lego car model. Each model was placed at the starting line and challenged with the other cars for the fastest time to reach the finishing line.

Gladys, praying hard that her car model will win and it did! Her car was so nicely constructed that she beat all her competitors, winning the best timing of completing the race track in less than 4 seconds. :)
Denver & Gladys with their car models.

The kids LOVE their creation so much that they were very disappointed to learn that they have to return the wheels upon exiting. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience!

More rides and adventures in Part 2

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