Monday, August 19, 2013

~ 3D2N Trip to Johor Bahru - Meldrum Walk ~

It's DINNER TIME and we decided to try out the local delicacies at Meldrum Walk. Located within the bustling streets of Johor Bahru, it is about 5 minutes walk away from City Square Shopping Mall. The moment we turned into Jalan Meldrum, we were pretty impressed by scale and variety of the food stalls that was being setup in the open space within the back alleys. If I am not wrong, it could be one of the biggest in Johor Bahru.

Name: Meldrum Walk
Location: 1-35 Jalan Meldrum, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
(GPS: 1.458943, 103.765652)

It is a food paradise and we were spoil with choices. After roaming through the streets for awhile, we decided to find a table near the stalls that were selling our favourite food. Being frequent diners at hawkers and street markets, we are quite accustom to dining in open space where the environment may not be that clean or pleasant. However, that is also the uniqueness and atmosphere of Meldrum Walk to indulge in. Denver & Gladys complained about the heat and stuffiness but they got over it as soon as the cooling drinks and yummy food arrived on the table.

Sweet and refreshing coconut drink for all to share. It was a pity the coconut was a bit too young and we cannot savour the coconut meat within.

Hubby ordered a Popiah roll (薄餅and I like it when the skin is soft, thin and there's a lot of turnip, bean sprout, shredded omelette fillings and chopped peanut. We enjoyed the crunchiness of the vegetables and sweetness of the sauce, particularly stuffing the entire slice of popiah into my mouth to relish its flavour.

Char Kway Teow (炒粿条) is a common local dish in Malaysia and Singapore. The mixture of beansprout, cockles, fish cakes and flat rice noodles fried in dark soya sauce, sweet sauce, garlic, eggs and chives is a heavenly combination and all time favourite loved by adults and children.

BBQ-squid and stingray is the main highlight for the evening. We randomly picked the stall near our seating area and placed our order. Just looking at the seafood made us hungry!

BBQ-Stingray with sambal - Seeing the sambal sizzling on top of the stingray accompanied with the captivating aroma, was enough for us to dig our chopstick into its juicy, tender meat. Despite the spiciness, that did not stop our kiddos from digging in too. 
Squid has always been Gladys' favourite and even though she cannot take hot and spicy food, she would rather have us 'filter' all the sambal off the sotong before she pampers herself in the feast. She loves it so much that we ordered 2 plates of BBQ squid to satisfy her cravings.

Now its my turn! Fried oyster omelette (蚝煎has always been one of my favourite local dish and definitely a not to be miss for me. Spotted a few people crowding near this stall and we went forward to make our order. We were surprised to learn that there were already so many orders before us and it was so popular that the waiting time is 1 hour!

Is the wait worthwhile? The question that ponders me was what's so special about this little plate of fried oyster that everyone is willing to hang around for? After a long wait, I was thrilled to see my pipping hot fried oyster delivered to our table. One glance at it you can see that it has a softer look and different texture. The oysters are big and I can smell the fragrance almost instantly.

All I can say is this is probably the softest fried oyster that I have ever experienced. It has a very different taste as compared from the ones we have in Singapore. Singapore's fried oyster is crispier and stronger in flavour whereas I find the version here smoother, slightly blender and with more moisture. It's worth to try if you are willing to wait and you like your Oh Chien to be soft.

Chicken BBQ was our final 'dessert' of the night. It was finger-licking good and the kids enjoyed it. Too bad our tummies were pretty full already and we decided to call it for the day. :)

Total Spending at Meldrum Walk
Popiah - RM2.50
BBQ Squid and Stingray - RM57
Char Kway Teow - RM4
Fried Oyster - RM11
BBQ Chicken wings - RM9
Sugar cane drink - RM4.50
Coconut drink - RM4
Grass Jelly drink - RM1.30


Unknown said...

Wow! BBQ Stingray ans sotong is my fav!!

Henry Lee said...

A lot of good food at the place eh... might drop by the next time in down under the peninsular :)

Phoebe said...

Hi Irene,

Should go and try in you are in JB :)

Hi Henry,

Yes! Lots of local food there. You will definitely find something that you like :)


AzJ said...

Phoebeeeee....I could not believe my eyes when I saw your pic in your blog. I am seeing my old friend (we met about 23 years ago, does it ring a bell who I could be???). I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for meldrum walk. I am soooo happy to see you virtually. You never age,gal! You must be thinking who is this crazy person suddenly stalking you...haha....I see if I can get in touch with you else where. �� (dun worry, i am a female)

Phoebe said...

hmm.. gosh! I have no memory .. any hints to give?

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