Friday, August 23, 2013

~ Morning Walk at Tampines Eco Green ~

During the Hari Raya - National Day long weekend, we met up with the Tan family for a morning walk at Tampines Eco Green. :) It was our first visit to the park and we were welcome by the rain.

There was a light drizzle and the grass was wet. Nevertheless, that did not dampen our determination to 'venture' into the park and hopefully to find some interesting wildlife. 

The refreshing morning air lifted my spirit and I was thrilled to spot the butterflies and bees fluttering among the flowers, collecting pollen.
Attempted to take a good shot of the bees but I was too frightened and didn't managed to get close enough.  :( 

Beginning with the Diversity trail, we spotted a couple of Baya weaver bird nests, ant nests, fruits, flowers and of course lizards!
This is a pretty one - 'hanging' onto the wood stump and enjoying its morning climb.

Its really challenging to capture photos of dragonflies since they are always fluttering around but I was lucky to spot one whom seems to be 'resting'. 

We were equally as pleased and excited to find not one but TWO eagles, hovering in the sky. 

Our journey continues into the forest trail, and the children had fun chit-chatting while trying to see who can spot another natural habitat. 

Unlike the other parks, Tampines Eco Green carpet the walkway with grass patch instead of the usual concrete pavement. Occupying 36.5 hectares, the eco-friendly park is a haven for biodiversity. Its natural, un-touch setting blends in very nicely within the HDB estates. Many avid runners also come here for their morning and evening jog.

We enjoyed our morning walk and looking forward to bring our kiddos for more walking trails. 

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