Monday, October 13, 2014

~ Kelong Fishing, Prawning and Crabbing Paradise @ Pasir Ris Town Park ~

Birthday parties need not necessary have balloons, party games or be in an air-conditioned room to be fun. Last month, Denver received a special invitation to celebrate his friend's birthday by the fishing pond at Pasir Ris Town Park. It's been awhile since the kids went prawning and they were definitely thrilled and looking forward to a different experience.

Unlike the fancy birthday parties that we have attended, this is uniquely refreshing as we were welcomed by the clear blue sky, nature and waters. Checking out the site map, the fishing arena spread over a large area providing kelong fishing, lobstering, freshwater prawning, crabbing experience for the public. There is also a mini-mart, snack bar, bistro and eatery if you wish to grab a bite or drink.

House Rules to note

I love the little details that has been installed within the fishing pond to make it so welcoming. The huts and umbrellas to shelter visitors from the sun, little green patches, flower pots and ornaments blended in nicely with the surrounding of the park.

Crabbing and Prawning spots

Despite the hot afternoon sun, Denver and his friends were seated comfortably under the sheltered hut with their rods. While prawning consumes a lot of time and patience, having a group of buddies together took away most of the boredom of waiting. The boys even started a battle to see who will have the most catches at the end of the hour. The excitement and motivation comes whenever someone catches a prawn.

While families and children indulged in prawning and crabbing, you will not miss the fishing enthusiasts with their baits and rods, spending their day by the pond.

The hosts were very thoughtful and treated the children dinner at the bistro where they had cake cutting ceremony soon after. It was a small party affair with a homely touch. The kids sat outdoor enjoying the natural breeze and full view of the fishing pond.

After dinner, they headed to the Pro-fishing pond and received professional advice on how to cast a fishing rod and bait a hook. Looks easy but it took the children a couple of tries before they finally got it!

Gladys casting her rod successfully!

It was Denver & Gladys' very first fishing experience. Although the kids did not have any luck, big smiles were on their faces. Every time their rods started to pull, their hearts and ours raced. Parents were on standby mode waiting to help to pull the rod. It was extremely FUN!

We had an awesome time fishing and prawning. Our kiddos were so immersed that we had a difficult time persuading and convincing them that it was time to leave. Special thanks to the hosts for their great hospitality. This will be one birthday party that the children won't forget.

Pasir Ris Town Park only gets prettier as the sun sets - A little paradise for those who loves to fish and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

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