Monday, October 27, 2014

~ Heng Residence Bedroom Transformation - New Look, New Inspiration with Dulux (The Beginning) ~

When we decided to move into our current nest (resale flat) 3 years ago, it was a lot of hard work. To save cost, we did not engage any interior designer. Hubby was in charge of the major works and liaising with the contractors while I helmed the entire design works. Our unit went through a major overhaul and we revamped the entire space.

While it was an enjoyment to build our dream home, it was pretty exhausting when it comes to picking the right wall colours to match the furnishing. Back then, it took me weeks of flipping back and forth through the colour booklet guide and still ending up feeling helpless and clueless. Sounds familiar? To make things simple, I decided to go for "safer" options (eliminating all the other vibrant, cool and sweet colours) and picked shades of white with a tint of grey for our bedroom.

(Picture of Master Bedroom before and after renovation works ~ 2 years ago) 

The end product - down to earth, simple, bright and neat. 

Bedroom for Denver & Gladys when we first moved in. All bright and cheery.

Compared to our kiddos' room, ours seems a little boring and dull? White flooring, white ceiling and near all white walls. 

Here's a current look of our bedroom (after tidying up ALL the mess :p)


It still look pretty new and neat from afar and on photo... but after 2 years surviving from the constant wear and tear, we are starting to see the toil taken on the coats of paint on the walls and ceilings. 

Blotches of paint, paint feeling off and cracking, plus the fingerprints and permanent marking that were left behind by human and furniture. We knew their presence, their exact location but kept both eyes shut as we gave up fixing it. From wiping, putting on self-adhesive deco stickers and patching. At the end of the day we probably only made things worse. :p 

Actually, there is no need to explain or give reason(s) for getting a new paint job (despite the fact that we had our room painted 2 years ago). Sometimes we just need to set our minds to make that change to spice up our life! And this can be done using COLOURS!

For the next 1.5 months, our bedroom will be undergoing some transformation! Unlike my initial attempt 2 years ago, I am not feeling as helpless and clueless anymore. After attending the inspiration session with colour experts from Dulux, I have learnt the importance of colours, how it affects the perception of space, some cool tips on colour selection and combination plus how we can "colour" our own room with a simple touch of your finger! (More to be revealed in our next post)

Follow us on our little journey and we hope to inspire you, giving you more confidence and tips on how you can give your room or house a refreshing look. 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Phoebe! Looking forward to your post!

Phoebe said...

Thanks Esther!

I think I can also get a lot of inspiration from your blog because there are so many arty stuff and colours within!

Phoebe said...

Thanks Esther!

I think I can also get a lot of inspiration from your blog because there are so many arty stuff and colours within!

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