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~ Heng Residence Bedroom Transformation - New Look, New Inspiration with Dulux (The Colours) ~

We are surrounded by colours everyday. Do you have that special colour in your mind and what does it means to you? Do you know that colours can affect your mood?

During the Dulux's Inspiration session, it was interesting to learn how colour exists as a form of non verbal communication. Apart from creating ambiance and managing personal space, colour stimulates our senses and is an emotion.

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Mae Sen, Dulux colour specialist gave us a good overview on the theory of colour and its psychology.

1) What Colour Means

It is really interesting to learn how colour can stimulate our emotion, particularly if we are considering what colour paint to choose for specific rooms. For example, I believe I will avoid having orange paint in my bedroom in case it over-stimulates my appetite! According to Mae Sen, avoid bright yellow for baby room as it tends to stimulate the baby and he'll cry more!

2) How Colour affects Space

We do not paint all sides of the wall all the time. Depending on the size of the room and height of the ceiling, colours can create different space effects.

3) Colour Harmony

This is probably the hardest to work with. How to match the colours to make them exist in harmony and pleasing to the eye. Luckily, this task is made simpler with Dulux's Colour Wheel. Just turn the dial and follow the arrow points to the suggested colour combinations. Have fun spinning!

Monochromatic Harmony is the easiest to match in my opinion as it utilize various tints, tones and shades with the same colour family.

Analogous Harmonies are based on 3 or more colours that sit side-by-side each other on the colour wheel.

Complementary colours are those that appear opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Split complementary results from one colour paired with 2 colours on either side of the of the original colour's direct complement creating a scheme containing 3 colours.

Triadic colours are 3 colours equally spaced from one another, creating an equilateral triangle on the colour wheel.

During the session, each of us did a canvas art using the Complementary Colours scheme. I picked Green and Red and the outcome of my painting turns out pretty striking. :) Personal takeaway: Be daring and confident when working with colours.

4) Dulux Visualizer

After selecting the colour, you start to ponder if the colour scheme that was chosen will turn out right. After all, you have to live with it for awhile until the next paint job! With the new Dulux Visualizer, you can now picture it, before you paint it! This cool app lets you see your room LIVE in any colour before you paint it! Using the very latest, unique technology, the App gives you an instant, realistic impression of how your room could look. It makes choosing paint colours so easy and assuring!

Dulux Visualizer can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play for FREE. Start installing it on your smartphone or tablet and you will see how your room transform with new colours instantly.

Here are some helpful tips to get the best results when you are using the Dulux Visualizer.

1) Use on interior walls so it works best on larger solid flat surfaces and in good lighting conditions.
2) Declutter the room as much as possible to help the Visualizer identify the wall areas.
3) A naturally well lit room will give a better result than a low lit or very bright, artificially lit room.
4) White or cream furniture can blend into the background if the walls are very pale. Try to visualise area where furniture contrasts.

I followed the tips and had my own hands-on with the App to see how effective it is. Remember I posted a photo of my current bedroom space in the previous post?

Current Look

Here's how it looks with the new colours! What do you think? Do share with us which is your favourite colour combi?

New colours with Dulux Visualizer!
Gone to the days where we used to reference to the small, squarish colour patch in the colour guide book and visualize the effect in our heads. With this App, not only can  we see the bigger picture instantly, we can also save the photos and share them with our family and friends to seek their opinions too!

5) Consult the Colour Experts

Alternatively, if you wish to avoid all the hassle, let the experts from Dulux help you! Dulux offers Free Colour Consultation Service in just a few simple steps!

6) Tips & Takeaway
Here are some of my personal take away and tips to consider when picking a suitable paint colour for your room. I hope it will be helpful and you will be inspired when you are giving your space a new look.

~ Your preferred colour ~ 
Since your house/room is a place where you'll be spending hours in, pick a colour that does not irks you to start with.

~ How it affects your mood ~
Colour sets the mood of a room. Decide what you like to feel when you enter your room. A sociable  living room, restful bedroom or an active and stimulating playroom?

~ Lighting ~
Consider the amount of natural lighting in your room. How does that affects the colour of your choice so that it will not be over empowering or affects the space?

~ Colours of your furnishing ~
It is not only about the colours on the walls that matters but also how it matches with your existing furnishing.

~ See the overall picture ~
I like the overall feel of how my family or guests feel and see as they move from room to room. It would be nice to see the room's colour blending in with the other spaces.

If you like to learn more tips, check out the Dulux 2015 Decorative Advice page.

If you wish to know which colour we picked, keep a look out on this space!

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*Special thanks to the colour experts and staff from Dulux to share with us the colour tips during the Inspiration Session.
Thanks to OMY and Dulux Singapore for hosting this media invite.

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