Saturday, October 4, 2014

~ 3D2N Johor Bahru Food Trail - Day 2 (Part 3) TUTA Pasar Malam ~

Our main purpose of this road trip was to explore the other pasar malam (night market) in different parts of Johor Bahru. Every day, certain areas will be cordoned off and mobile food stalls are set up. 

This time, we drove down to hunt for the food at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Pasar Malam (皇后花园夜市). Located within the heart of Skudai, it opens every Saturday, starting from 5pm to about 10pm.

Since we were unfamiliar with the area, we set off early hoping to find a parking lot. Parking was indeed a challenge as most of the lots along the road were occupied. We made a few turns and rounds before settling in an open carpark space near Restoran 777. Safety was a concern as it looked pretty secluded. We found a parking space at the very back of the car park and no valuable items were left in the car. Although it will be cooler and easier to explore the night market in the evening, Hubby and I decided that we will leave before the night falls.  

4:30pm - Since we arrived early, most of the mobile vendors were still in the midst of setting up. It was an extremely hot afternoon and walking along the cordoned road is a "suicidal" act. We hid underneath the shop houses for shelter and waited. If you wish to venture the pasar malam around 5pm, it is advisable to wear light clothing and a cap. Carry a small umbrella will be helpful if there isn't a crowd. 

5:15pm -  Finally, it's time to head out! We tried to keep to the side and walk underneath the mobile vendor's shelter. You can imagine it is even a tougher job for them since they are continuously exposed to the heat from the sun and their stove!

Hubby was delighted to spot the stall selling roasted duck and meat fairly quickly. Unfortunately, that seems to be the one and only we managed to find in TUTA pasar malam. 

Roasted pork is Gladys' favourite and we bought a packet to share and munch along the way.

Glad to see Jia Jia Soya Milk (佳佳冰档) here! We love their soya milk and smooth bean curb when we first tasted them at the Pasar Malam in KSL. It is still as good as ever!

Didn't really fancy the taste of this bun due to the unique taste of the filling. Nevertheless, thought it was pretty interesting.

Popiah for RM1.70. 

The taste is not bad. 

Keeping ourselves hydrated is very important. How about some Dragonfruit juice?

Yummy food on sticks. Just take your pick.
How about gigantic buns?

After walking around the pasar malam, The carrot cake fried by this couple looked most tempting. We ordered 2 packets to take away.  

Even my favourite Chee Cheong Fun can be found here. Auntie was very friendly and packed it nicely for us to bring back to our hotel. 

Every pasar malam seems to have mobile vendor selling sugar cane drinks. Just looking at the pile of sugar cane determines how well the business was. :)

Assorted colourful kueh on display.

Sweet and chewy Muah Chee that melts in Gladys' mouth.

Before leaving TUTA, we had a bowl of Penang Laksa. It's a little too sour and the flavour is too blend compared to the one we had at KSL. 

After a bowl of hot Laksa, it was refreshing and cooling to enjoy a bowl of Cendol. It will be more enjoyable if there was lesser kidney beans within.

In order to ensure we did not miss out any yummy food, we walked around the TUTA pasar malam twice. Here's what we captured along the way. :)

It took us about 1.5 hours to complete the walk through TUTA. If you want to try out the food, remember to keep your tummy empty. For more photos, do visit our BPDGTravels Facebook Album containing a collection of our 3D2N JB Food Trail.

 Name: Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Pasar Malam (皇后花园夜市)
Location: Jalan Perkasa, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (Estimated Address) 
GPS: 1.509512, 103.650083
(Opens every Saturday, 5pm - 10pm)


Merry said...

hi...a cross to your blog, thanks or sharing your trip in JB.

Waiwai Leung said...

Lucky I read this post after dinner! So many varieties of food!

Unknown said...

I agree with Wai Wai! You had me at siu yuk, altho the salted fish bao was...������. How'd the dragonfruit juice taste like tho??

Phoebe said...

We always settle our dinner at the pasar malam as there are so many to choose from. ^_^

Phoebe said...

Siu Yuk is our favourite too! Not every place has it...The salted bao didn't taste as nice but Muah Chee was good! Dragonfruit juice was alright - just a little diluted. ^_^

Susan said...

I'm always up for sstreet food when I'm overseas but hubby is always more cautious and question the hygiene level of the food prepared. But what does he know since he's no foodie. Love the options available at the pasa malam,

Unknown said...

Wow wow wow... Didn't now you were a Johor food pro! This is exactly what I have been looking for when we go Johor.. and so far we have only relied on 'Johor Food Khaki'.. You shall be my new Johor Food Khaki!

Phoebe said...

Delicious food most of the time not very healthy :) So far we are lucky and did not have any tummy problems on our makan session. Hope you'll have a chance to try out too!

Phoebe said...

We didn't manage to travel (by plane) in recent years... so our favourite past time is travelling to JB. Have collated a few places to eat, play and shop..Hopefully will be helpful to you as a guide. ^_^

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