Sunday, July 20, 2014

~ River Nights 2014 - Asian Civilisations Museum ~

19th July marks the official launch of Singapore Heritage Festival 2014. Singapore River took the centre stage in River Nights where there are a series of outdoor performances and activities for all ages.

We arrived in time to catch the LED Dragon Dance. I can imagine how amazingly blazing the Chinese Dragon will look when the night falls. The crowd followed the trace of the dragon path.

The children were most impressed by the heart-thumping rhythms of the drums by Hands Percussion Malaysia. Motivating by the ears and equally astonishing by their synchronized movements visually.

Denver & Gladys had their fair share of fun at KIDS Point. Quick round of fishing by the river to redeem a prize and also getting their hands messy uncovering treasures in ACM's archaeological pit.

Next, we embarked on a Duck Hunt within ACM in search for the winning duck from the first Singapore Million Dollar Duck Race. We were 'rewarded' with a free picnic mat upon completing our quest. Children love to go on treasure hunts.

Beautiful lights shining upon Asian Civilisations Museum. There was free all-night gallery tours within the museum and kudos to the friendly guides who ran tour-a-thon till late night.

Melodic tunes filled the air by Electro Erhu accompanied by Tabla. 

The children and I felt the Story Cove most entertaining. We revisited the River with personalities from the past guiding us based on the play "Sailing Past" by Jonathan Lim. We stopped at various iconic landmarks along Singapore River and immersed ourselves in the stories through the night.

The children and I took a couple of photos and we received instant photo prints simply by hashtagging our pictures on Instagram. :)

These are my greatest rewards for the night. Beautiful instant prints at Asian Civilisations Museum - River Nights 2014. ^_^

Singapore Heritage Festival 2014 runs from 18-27 July 2014. There are a lot of programmes and trails that you can engaged in. Check out SHF website on the exciting performances and interactive activities for the whole family.

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