Thursday, July 24, 2014

~ DIY Beary Birthday Card ~

Drew a birthday card for a dear colleague earlier this week. I spent some time colouring the little bear which is the highlight of the card. The difficulty of this drawing is having minimal pencil mark and using colour pencils to create the furry effect of the bear.

Instead of the conventional colouring style, I made multiple strokes to outline and 'colour' the interior of the furry creature. Different shades of brown were used for the shading effect. The overall outcome was pretty neat and lovable. The light shades of green grass and pink flowers add on to the sweetness.

For the interior of the card, I drew the Happy Birthday greetings in a Scrabble style. Would love to enhance the effect if I had a little more time. 

I love to make DIY cards. Although it may not look as great as those available on the shelf, it brightens my day as I put my love and effort onto the little piece of paper. It brings me joy and I hope it brings happiness to the person who receives it.

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