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~ Family Fun at Adventure Cove Waterpark ~

Continuing our staycation at Amara Sanctuary, we joined Brother-in-law's family out on a day of endless splashes of fun at the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Since it's opening in 2012, this is our first visit to the water themepark which features 15 attractions!

Before we get excited with the rides and dive into the waters, here are some tips and important information to take note of for a more pleasant experience. :)

Proper Dress Code: Do dress in permitted swimming attire to avoid disappointments. Swimming suit, board shorts, bikini are some of the permitted attire at the waterpark.

Locker:  Locker rental station is available for the visitors to keep their valuable belongings. Rental rates is $10 (small locker) and $20 (large locker). These lockers can be rented for the entire day and you can open and lock the locker without incurring extra charges.

Storage Racks: Storage racks are located near the various rides to hold your non-valuable items (e.g. slippers, glasses etc.). Since you will be walking around the water themepark, it is recommended that you have your light footwear with you and only remove them and store them at the racks prior to your rides.

Life Jackets: Safety within the Adventure Cove Waterpark is very important especially for our little ones. Life jackets of various sizes are available for FREE for non-swimmers like myself.

Map: Grab a map at the entrance to guide you along the various rides available within Adventure Cove.

Photo credit - Adventure Cove Waterpark Map

First Aid: It is always good to note the location of the First Aid centre in case of any injuries.

Waterproof Camera/Casing: If you wish to capture valuable moments your adventure at the waterpark, remember to have a waterproof casing for your camera or mobile!  I did not manage to grab one and had limitations taking pictures at certain rides.

According to the recommendation from a friendly service staff of Adventure Cove, we should head out to the Rainbow Reef first to avoid getting into the long queues later on. Hence, we started our adventure straight from the back of the themepark!

This is the place to be where you can snorkel and enjoy up-close encounters with the 20,000 friendly fishes beneath. However, you need to be a swimmer to be able to experience snorkelling in the 2.9m deep waters. Life jackets have to be worn at all times and visitors will go through a safety briefing.

Being not able to swim put me out of the league immediately but I'm still game to take photos for our adventurous group! All SET to Snorkel!

Gathering around for safety briefing.

For non-swimmers, I still get to view the fishes beneath through the glass panel around the Rainbow Reef. Gladys giving me a Victory sign as she snorkels with Daddy.

Can you spot the fishes???

It was a great snorkelling attempt by the kids. They swam one round and were back to the starting point. Asked them how was the experience? First response by Denver :"The waters is super SALTY!" Gladys wanted to go for another round but we did not do so due to the longer waiting time.

Here's Gladys before and after the dive. :) Do go for this attraction first if your kids can swim.

Dueling Racer - Are you game for a competitive plunge? Denver and Gladys were afraid of the height and hence their cousins took their places. Grab a racer mat and slide down to see who  plunges through the finishing line first!

BluWater Bay has to be our favourite zone in the Adventure Cove Waterpark. The giant wave pool generating mixture of gentle and strong waves at different intervals is a big hit among the visitors. You can choose to sit by the edge and enjoy soaking in the shallow waters or head straight to the front of the wave pool and get ready for the waves to swerve you around.

Remember to have your life jackets with you as the waves are pretty strong especially if you are crossing the 1.6m deep waters.

If the younger ones are afraid of the big splash, Seahorse HideAway is the perfect spot for them and their parents to relax and chill out.

Alternatively, pop by the Big Bucket Treehouse where there are gentler slides suitable for the younger and older children. The water playground has sprinklers, nets, ropes as well as splashes from the big bucket to keep the entire family entertain!

Free water massaging session.

It's sliding time for the kids as they roam around the play area.

Without the waterproof casing, it is cumbersome to take pictures at certain rides. I decided that it's time I took some time off away from my mobile and enjoy the Adventure River ride with my family.

Stretching over 620m long, this is the longest river ride that took us through the various stunning themed zones. Way much longer than the Shiok River at Wild Wild Wet and Lazy River at Jurong East Swimming Complex which makes it so enjoyable!

We walked and glided through the river as the waters took us through the mysterious Grotto, Ray Bay (close-up view of the rays via the glass panels), Dolphin Island (spotted one swimming leisurely) and many more!

It took us about 20 minutes to complete one round and we went 3 rounds around the river! Do note that it might be difficult to grab a tube due to the high demands so remember to grab one when you see it. :)

We gave the other thrilled rides a miss since the children prefers the milder ones. If you are looking for more adventurous slides, do not miss the Pipeline Plunge, Riptide Rocket, Spiral Washout, Tidal Twister and Whirlpool Washout!

If you like to have an extraordinary encounter with the Marine wild life, check out the the Ultimate Marine Encounters page for more information on the ticketing price.

More photos about our FUN day out at Adventure Cove Waterpark at our Fanpage album.

Date of visit: 19 June 2014

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm daily

One Day Pass: $36 (Adult), $26 (Child 4-12 years old), $26 (Senior 60 years & above)

Adventure Express* - Non peak: $10 per person
Adventure Express* - Peak: $20 per person
*Adventure Express is valid for Rainbow Reef and Riptide Rocket only. It is valid for one admission for each attraction.

Website: Marine Life Park

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