Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~ Food & Leisure Trip to Johor Bahru - Day 2 ~

19th March 2013

We had a good night rest and will be returning back home later in the afternoon. Good times always seem to past so quickly. Since we were up rather early, we ventured out of KSL Resort to see if there are any eateries nearby to settle our breakfast.
Time: 7:30am
Name: Chau Zhong Restaurant (潮宗菜饭专卖店)
Location: 25 Jalan Serigala, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia
(GPS: 1.485731, 103.761261)

We spotted a teochew stall selling some dimsum, kway teow, assorted vegetables etc. Unlike the stalls in Singapore, customers have to self-service and fill their preferred dishes on the plate. You can grab as many as you like and the stall owner will based on what you have taken and charge accordingly.

Time: 8:30am
Location: Swimming Pool

The children wanted to go to the pool again before we check-out. It is great that they love the waters. I prefer to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the Jacuzzi.

Gladys has been taking swimming lessons and she can swim better now. Our little girl can truly enjoy the deep pool without clinging on to Daddy anymore. 

Time: 10:00am
Name: Go N Play Playground
Location: LG - 20, KSL City Mall, 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia
(GPS: 1.485455, 103.762462)

After being frequent travelers (with kids) for awhile, we learnt one valuable lesson. Always bring a pair of socks for everyone. Many times, we passed by an indoor playground requiring children to enter wearing socks and almost everytime, we have none! Since then, socks are part of our check-list in our haversack. 

While Hubby and I were doing our window shopping the night before, we found a hidden gem located at the lower ground floor inside KSL City Mall. An indoor soft playground with 3 layers of play structures! Go N Play opens from 10am - 10pm and the pricing is super CHEAP! RM5 for every 30 minutes of play (per child). No indoor gym or playground in Singapore can beat this price! Denver & Gladys can play to their hearts content and we do not have to worry too much about the charges.

Although the price may be cheap, the condition of the playground is in good order. The staff took Denver & Gladys' temperature, ensured they are wearing socks and sanitized their hands before entering the playground. If your child does not have a sock, parents can purchase one at RM1 per pair!

Not only that, if you like to do some shopping or foot reflexology while your child is playing, you can leave your contact number with the staff and come back later. Since we are travelers, away from home, we do not wish to take the risk and prefer to stay close to our kiddos. There are seats inside the playground with movie screening on a wall mount television. Parents can sit down and enjoy a movie while waiting. Drinks and ice-cream are also on sale if we wish to have a drink. 

Our kiddos had a great time, burning out a lot of calories from the morning's workout at the pool and at the playground. 

All good things have to come to an end. Hubby check-out of KSL resort and load our luggage in the car while the children were playing. Time was short but we utilized our time fully! 

Time: 12:15pm
Name: Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant (凯旋)
Location: Level B1, The Puteri Pacific Hotel, Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, Johor Bahru
(GPS: 1.460787, 103.762097)

It was lunch time and we decided to dine at Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant (located inside Puteri Pacific Hotel) which serves Halal Dim-Sum buffet. We parked our car inside the hotel which definitely look safer than leaving our car along the roadside. 

Kai Xuan offers "All you can eat" Dim Sum buffet at RM36++ (Adults) and RM18++ (Children) which is pretty reasonable. Since we had been indulging in the local food stall and returning to Singapore soon, we decided to treat ourselves a good and relaxing meal inside the air-conditioned restaurant.

We were a little skeptical on how Halal dim sum (no pork, no lard) will taste compared to the non-halal ones, especially not seeing any crowd during lunch hours on a Tuesday morning. Nevertheless, I am rather pleased after browsing through the list of dim sum Kai Xuan has to offer. 

How did the dim sum @ Kai Xuan fare? 

Assorted fried dim sum were served first - Crispy Yam Puff, Deep Fried Wanton, BBQ Chicken Pie and Salad Prawn Dumpling. I am not a big fan of fried food but it seems like a MUST try when we are having dim sum. I like the BBQ Chicken Pie (叉燒酥) as there is a good amount of filling and it is sweet. The crust are crispy and not too flaky. The prawn dumpling goes well with the mayonnaise dip too. 

Cheong Fun is our family common, favourite dimsum and and we will usually order at least 2 flavours. This time we tried all of them, namely Scallop, Prawn and BBQ Chicken Cheong Fun. I believe the prawn filling Chee Cheong Fun seems to be more popular among our kids as it was the fastest to disappear from our table.

The children love egg-tarts and they can eat at least 2 of them. We also enjoy having carrot cake but I usually find the portion too much and filling for us to finish.

My personal favourite is the Steamed Glutinous rice in Lotus leaf. I must order it whenever I am having dimsum. Simply adore the fragrant, softness of the rice and the sweetness of the meat.

Steamed chicken feet (Szechuan Style) and Seafood soup dumpling. Hubby and I did not enjoy the dumplings in the seafood soup as it has an unusual taste. We regretted ordering 2 bowls and had difficulty finishing up. This is probably the only 'left-over' food we had.

Steamed dimsum coming up! Siew Mai is another MUST order dish and we had total satisfaction. :)

Even though our tummy is feeling up to the max, there is still space for desserts. :) Mango Pudding for Gladys, Chilled Honeydew with Sago for Denver, Chilled Almond Beancurd with Logan for Hubby and Shanghai Pancake for myself. :)

The layer of milk on top of the mango pudding is sweet and definitely a haven for Gladys. The other chilled desserts were also refreshing after a heavy meal. I love to try the pancakes from different restaurants but the Shanghai pancake disappoints me as it was not as crispy, sweet and filling as I hope to be.

No doubt there's only 4 of us (including 2 children), I am always amazed with the amount of food we were able to finish! We headed straight home after our lunch and this concludes our 2D1N vacation @ Johor Bahru. 


Henry Lee said...

that is why we malaysian always get overcharged when there's self service on the economy food :(

Phoebe said...

I wondered if we were overcharged too... but I guess that is how some stalls work :)

MayA said...

Thank you for your information about indoor playground at house close to the mall about only 5-8 minute,stay here almost 1 year,but never know about this playground..owh..its too close to my home.. I always bring my kid to another playground which is take 15-20 minute from home.the price more cheaper and more adventure. I hope it suitable for my 20 months old kid

Phoebe said...

Great that you like the indoor playground at KSL. My kids love to play there as it is really cheaper.. But since my post, I believe the price has increased slightly. There is also an indoor playground at Sutera Mall too. :)

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