Thursday, April 25, 2013

~ Hong Kong 2012 - Day 5 (Part 3) Disneyland ~

Apart from visiting the various lands in Disneyland, you should not miss the Flights of Fantasy Parade which begins in Fantasyland. Our favourite Disney Characters are showcased on their magical floats accompanied by the beautifully dressed dancers. Crowds gathered along the streets and you probably need to be a little early to get a good spot.

Even though it was rather hot standing under the scorching sun, the parade was uplifting and entertaining.

Balloons on Sale - Always attracts the little ones attention

Toy Story Land - Our final playzone for the day. We felt like we are inside Andy's bedroom together with all his toys the moment we stepped into the wonderland. Sheriff Woody, Jessie, Rex, Slinky Dog and more are there to have fun with us.

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop - Looks really cool! But our fear factor for heights and mild heart kept us away from this stimulated parachute drop. 

Slinky Dog Spin - Slinky took us on a merry-go-round ride to catch its own tail. It was so fun that we went  on and go for a few more spins before we stopped for the day.

 Beep Beep! Say Hi to RC! Andy's remote controlled buggy!

Most of the rides were a bit daunting for us but to make up for it, there are many fun and cute backdrops in Toy Story Land where we can take group family photos together.

As the night falls, we gathered at Fantasyland once more for the final finale - Behold the Spectacular Fireworks above Sleeping Beauty Castle that brightens the sky and our hearts! I always wanted to catch this many years ago and its like a dream comes true!

(Sleeping Beauty Castle - Before the Fireworks) ~ Enchanting. Wouldn't it be great to live like a Princess for a day in the castle?

I LOVE the colours and how Sleeping Beauty Castle comes to Live! 

One of my favourite shot - A very Gothic look where the firing streams of smoky rays looks as if they are consuming the castle. 
Vibrant Blue Rays
 Warmer look and feel.
 Sparkle Sparkle
 Rainbow Castle

It was SPECTACULAR and MESMERIZING! Definitely worthwhile to stay on for the closing and it would be a shame to miss the fireworks. With that, we ended our 1 Day Disneyland Adventure. The children had loads of fun and I'm sure we go back home with lots of lovely memories too.

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