Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ Gallop Stable galloping its way to Punggol ~

"Hee Haw!" If you have been to Punggol End recently, you would notice some latest additions in the vicinity. Gallop Stable has galloped its way to Punggol and attracted a few potential cow-boys and cow-girls to-be. 

The surrounding has been designed to mimic a real stable ranch. There is also a new cafe bar, "Bacon & Booze" where you can enjoy all-day breakfast and happy hour as the night falls.

We entered the "Ranch" to check out their riding rates.
$5 - Short ride (one round around the pony ring)
$10 -  Longer ride (to-fro between the cowboy mart and Gallop wagons)

Shorter rides around the grounds (opposite Bacon & Booze).

We bought the $10 pony ride tickets for the kids. It wasn't cheap for the short distance ride but dear Daddy always like to give the children an opportunity to try and experience. We walked to the Cowboy Mart located at the back of the Gallop Stable, awaiting for the further directions.

Along the way, you will see the stables where the ponies/horses were housed.  

Safety first - Putting on their helmets. Pink for Girls and Green for Boys. 

 Denver & Gladys took turns to ride on the pony. 
 Gladys looking absolutely natural on the pony. :) 

They set off from the mart and rode pass the Gallop wagons before returning. Gladys' leg were bitten by the mozzie and a kind uncle from the mini-mart quickly offered some cream for her to apply and eased her itch. ^_^ 

To date, we have not heard news on the official opening of its third branch at Punggol, but don't be surprise if you see the ponies during your next visit.

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