Saturday, March 30, 2013

~ Food & Leisure Trip to Johor Bahru - Day 1 (Part 3) ~

The main reason why we chose to stay in KSL Resort and visit Johor Bahru on a Monday instead of over the weekend is because of the Pasar Malam (Night Market) located outside KSL City.

Time: 6:00pm
 Pasar Malam (Opens every Monday only)
Location: Just outside KSL City Mall

This was probably our most relaxing walk through the streets as we were not in a rush to return back to Singapore as compared to our previous experiences. Its our third visit and we were familiar with the stalls and surrounding.

Mobile vendors occupied the entire street, stretching from KSL City to Grand Paragon Hotel. We were hungry again and this is where we will be eating and drinking to our hearts content!


Before we begin our eating trail through the market, I must give credit to Denver and Gladys who have been following us in most of our trips. We are very blessed that they are not too picky about food and rather adventurous in trying out new things. It was rather crowded but they endured the heat and followed us closely as we hop from stall to stall.

1) Fried finger food - The children love fried stuff. Fried fish fillet (RM1.50) and chicken (RM2.50) was our appetizer to start the evening. 

2) Penang Rojak - Walking further down, we found the Penang Rojak Man with his mobile rojak stall on a motorbike. Despite visiting the market twice, we never notice his existence. It was through JohorKaki's recommendation that we kept a lookout for him this time.

Unlike the other rojak that we have tasted so far, this was totally different. It has a variety of fruits (including pineapple, jambu, apple etc) mixed with cucumber, ground peanuts and his specially made thick, gooey sauce. Customers can choose to add more spice into the sauce which looks really tempting... but we decided to keep to the original flavour so that our kiddos can try it too.

The fruits were fresh and nicely cut. The sauce was nothing like the ones we tried before. It was very thick and sweet which blends well with the fruits. Gladys seems to love it and keep on munching on the fruity rojak. Hubby is not a fan of sweetness and I believe the spicy sauce would add on to his preference. A box of fruit rojak costs RM5.

3) Muah Chee - made from glutinous rice flour, these little sticky, chewy dough mixed with peanuts topping is also one of our favourite street food in Singapore and JB. :) Big box cost RM4.50 while a smaller box is RM3.50

4) Roasted pork - A MUST eat for Hubby and myself whenever we are here. The skin of the roasted pork is crispy and its meat is sweet and tender. We love the size the roasted pork was chopped into and the little bit of fatness within that made us drool. Total enjoyment. We spotted two particular stalls and bought a box from each stall, costing RM10 per box.

5) Soya Milk - There are many stalls selling drinks but we particularly like the soya drink stall from JiaJia. Price is cheap and they have soya bean curb available in original sugar or brown sugar. Perfect drink to quench our thirst after eating so much.

6) Carrot Cake - Carrot cake seems to be rather popular here. Crowd surrounded these stalls for their orders. Just looking at how this couple work together is amazing. The uncle is in charge of frying the carrot cake while the auntie crack the eggs and lay the styrofoam boxes in order. They are so systematic and fast, filling up the boxes with carrot cakes to meet up with the customers demand.We also joined in the line and ordered a box of carrot cake at RM3.50.

We spent 1.5 hour to cover the entire stretch of the night market. Total 'damage' for our dinner is RM39.80 (~ $16 SGD) for the amount of food we ate along the way.

As the night falls, the lights were up and the night market is as vibrant as ever. We love this pasar malam and will try to pop by whenever we are in JB.

Time: 7:35pm
Name: 51 Soya Bean
Location: LG - S7, KSL City Mall, 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia
(GPS: 1.485455, 103.762462)

We made our way back to KSL City. The children were tired and we sat down to have a bowl of Original and Mango flavoured soya bean curd (豆花) at 51 Soya Bean.

51 Soya bean is quite famous in Singapore with an outlet in Old Airport Road. Similiar to "老伴豆花", the soya bean is smooth and silky. There are always long queues observed in Singapore but we were able to sit down and enjoy our desserts here. It is also slightly cheaper costing RM3.20 (~$1.30SGD) for a bowl of original flavour soya bean curd.

Time: 8:00pm
Name: Hotel Room

We were finally back at the comfort of our hotel room. It has been a long day and everyone is tired. Hubby and I managed to squeeze another hour to do some night window shopping at KSL City Mall before we rest for the night.

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