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~ Food & Leisure Trip to Johor Bahru - Day 1 (Part 2) ~

Date: 18th March 2013 

After lunch, Hubby suggested that we head back to Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory to see if we can "tapao" (packet) some nice buns or cakes back to the hotel. Since it is not too far from Teck Seng, we drove back to Tan Hiok Nee Cultural Street hoping to grab some of their famous Coconut buns and Banana cakes.

Time : 2:40pm
Name : Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory (协裕面包西果厂)
Location : 13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 80000 Johor Bahru 
(GPS : 1.456701, 103.764421)

It is not the usual trendy bakery shop where you will expect to see cosy interior deco and rows of cakes and buns nicely displayed in front of the shop space as you enter. Instead, it was dimly lighted and the same counter top that is used to make these delicacies is the exact place where you can grab them, pay and go.

Hiap Joo (since 1919) may look a little run down from the outside, but never judge a bakery by its cover. After tasting their cakes and buns, you will understand why customers continue to return and patronize them after so many years.

I asked for some coconut buns and banana cakes and was surprised to learn that the coconut buns were all SOLD OUT! My goodness! These buns were only ready around noon and within 3 hours they were all snap up! Sniff! I had to settle for a big box of banana cake instead (RM8). A small box of banana cake will cost RM4.

Upon returning to our car, the fragrant of the banana cake filled the air instantly. We could not resist taking a piece each to try. Guess what!? It was SO YUMMY, SOFT, SWEET and WARM that within 5 minutes, that big box of banana cake was gone! I did mentioned that I love my food more especially when they are warm. :)

Denver & Gladys love the cake so much and they wanted MORE!!! Luckily we did not drove off and I went back to Hiap Joo to buy another small box of banana cake. That box did not last long either and it was almost gone when we return to KSL Resort.

Time: 3:10pm
Name: KSL Resort, KSL City Mall
Location: 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia
(GPS: 1.486196, 103.76279)

It was a bad queue at the KSL resort counters during our visit. The hotel seem to be doing an upgrade to their check-in system but that has caused a lot of unhappiness among the guests who were frustrated with the long queues forming up. Long awaiting time for their rooms and wastage of precious time definitely was an unpleasant experience for a 5 star rated hotel. We were lucky to arrive early and completed our check-in. However, re-queuing again to get access to our room was simply terrible. I gave up queuing and walked straight to the front counter to have someone help us with our room key. Thank goodness, we got our access card and finally managed to get some rest!  

We booked a triple room (without breakfast) online via the resort's homepage. The room looks trendy and it is clean. Since it is a new hotel, everything is new and in good condition. The Queen and Single bed are comfy which helps to rejuvenate our tired bodies after a long day out.

Toilet is clean and spacious. I love the rain shower and it is convenient for the kids to take their own shower. 

We stayed on the 14th floor and had a good view of Johor Bahru from our room.

Holiday Plaza is just nearby and you can walk over for another round of shopping.

Great view from the lift lobby. Suddenly reminds me of Spiderman climbing its way up overlooking JB. :) 

Time: 3:50pm
Name: KBO Plus Family Karaoke
Location: Within KSL City Mall (Level 2)

After 'dumping' our luggage bags in the hotel room, we were on the move again. ^_^ This may sound a little bit unusual, but Hubby and I brought Denver & Gladys to their very first Karaoke session! For only RM25 (weekday, non peak hour - small room for 5 pax), we can enjoy an hour of 'shouting' (urmm.. singing) to our hearts content. 

Denver & Gladys were totally clueless when we were taken to the Karaoke room. After spending a few minutes on the screen, they were able to pick things up really fast and started picking some of their favourite songs. 

It was a little 'tormenting' to our ears with the kiddos' out of tune singing and high pitch laughter over the microphones, but it was really cute to see them hogging on to the mics and singing happily. 1 hour doesn't seem to be enough for them afterall.

Time: 5:00pm
Swimming Pool
Location : Within KSL Resort

In almost every vacation, our children favourite past time is hitting the waters in the swimming pool (no matter how tired they are). 

They were jumping with joy seeing the nice pool from the top and even WOWed when they saw Dinosaurs! "Dinosaurs Alive" Water Theme Park is located next to the resort's pool side and is currently open for viewing. We saw 3 life-size dinosaur replicas but it did not feel right to pay RM30 (Adult) and RM20 (Child) to go in for viewing only. -___-

Having said that, relaxing by the resort's swimming pool is an obvious choice.

Hotel guests can also rent some games or purchase kiddy's art activity materials while they are at the pool. 

More updates on our favourite pasar malam in JB in Part 3

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