Tuesday, June 5, 2012

~ A Simple Family Day Out ~

1st June - It's June holidays and we wanted to spend some time with our kiddos. Just being together, doing the things we enjoy and snacking along the way. :p

Breakfast was at one of the canteen at Nanyang Polytechnic as the food there is very cheap and yummy! Denver and Gladys enjoying their cup of fruit juice to start their mornings! We decided to leave our car behind and took the bus out, taking a long walk throughout the day.

Our day started with morning prayers at 四马路 Guan Yin temple, followed by a walk to the new shopping mall, Bugis + (formally known as Iluma). Most of the shops seems to be under renovation but there are already a couple of restaurants in operation.

The link bridge from Bugis+ is finally linking to Bugis Junction and Uniqlo store is opening this week!

Taking a walk around Bugis Junction is a pleasure. We stopped by the MIB3 Alien Lockup Cell and took multiple shots with the aliens. Denver and Gladys had fun inside the 'fake' cell and they are very familiar with the faces since we just watched the movie the night before!

 Denver & Gladys are too cute compared to the aliens besides them. ^_^
 Agent "K" is Denver's favourite. See how Daddy is being victimized!

It's LEGO time! From Bugis Junction, we walked pass Bras Basah Complex, Raffles hotel and down to Raffles City. The children spent some time playing with the lego blocks while Daddy & Mommy sat down to rest.

 This is where their creativity emerges.

It's past noon time and we were famished. Denver & Gladys always enjoy taking the MRT since we travel around by car most of the time. While waiting, our kiddos tried their luck hoping to play with Daddy's phone, but no luck! ^_^

Hubby missed his favourite Char Siew and Roasted meat rice ever since the stall has moved out from Hougang. We made a special trip down to China Square's food court, greeting the uncle and auntie at the food stall! It has been months since we our last visit and we are 100% satisified with our meal. The roasted meat is crispy and juicy and it tastes as good as ever! 

It's probably the first time the children are taking a walk within the Central Business District area during a working day. Denver now has a better idea what CBD means and how different this area looks and feels on a weekday compared to a weekend.

We continued with our walk through the shops beneath Raffles Place MRT before making our way out to the Singapore River. The riverside holds a lot of Singapore's history and it looks just as grand in the day as it is in the night.

The above sculpture (by Aw Tee Hong) shows a merchant mediating between a Chinese trader and Malay Chief while Indian and Chinese coolies were loading sacks of goods onto a bullock cart which is a common sight by the river as trade expanded in the older days.

Crossing the Cavenagh Bridge is the Asian Civilisations Museum. We made our way further down and brought the kids to visit the site where Sir Stamford Raffles first landed in Singapore.

Unfortunately, there are obvious stains on the white statue and I hope it will go for its general maintenance works for another round of cleaning and repaint to restore its glory soon!

Denver was very amazed that this was the actual site where Sir Stamford Raffles landed. He read it in books but seeing is believing.

We enjoyed our day out despite feeling very tired after all the walking. However, it is also through walking that we get to observe our surroundings in greater detail and noticing things that we may not have taken note of previously. There's always something new to learn and experience if we could just take a step back and look.


DerrickTan said...

Nice post ...great walk tour :) Where is the char siew stall?
You know the name of the stall?

MummyMOO said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Phoebe said...

Hi Regina,

Yes! We had fun walking around though it was tiring. :)

Hi Derrick,
The name of the stall is "Shenton Way Golden Bridge Roasted Meat Chicken Rice" - #01-11 - Barry's favourite

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