Friday, June 8, 2012

~ Meet & Greet - Madagascar 3 ~

Alex and his friends are back with Madagascar 3 screening in the cinemas! Fans can now catch them live on stage during the June holidays from 7 - 17th June at the Central Atrium in Marina Square!
Show time:
Tue - Wed (2pm & 7pm)
Thur - Sun (1pm, 4pm & 7pm)
No meet & greet on Monday

Each child will receive a Madagascar badge upon admission into the meet & greet area! There are 5 different badges design!

Due to limited seating capacity, only the first 50 families will get the photo passes to meet and take a family photo with the characters on stage. (Admission is on a first come, first served basis).

Denver & Gladys are seated and waiting to meet Alex, the lion!

Let the show begins!

Love the brightly coloured stage and dazzling costumes.

Here they come! The kids enjoyed the songs and were dancing to the beat.

"I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it...Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)"

Gladys always raises her hand whenever there are opportunities to get on stage and win a prize! :) Not this time though.

Stage games

Final finale

The best moment of every meet & greet sessions is getting up close with your favourite characters, giving them a lovable hug and most importantly, taking a nice family photo!

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Thank you for the invitation to experience the Madagascar 3 adventure

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