Friday, June 29, 2012

~ Chek Jawa Wetlands (Low Tide) Guided Tour - Part 2 ~

Our walking trail continues.... Thanks to the guides, they really made our tour enjoyable and educational! Not only did they uncover the marine creatures, they also help to gathered them and place nice, little signages around the wetland.

Another finding - Biscuit Starfish and Sand Dollar

The children are having so much fun and the rain didn't bother them a single bit. Denver is holding on to a hermit crab (a pretty big one) which just crawled out from its 'home' to say Hi!

If you look close enough, you will find a couple of hermit crabs (big/small) on the wetland. In order to grow, they will need to move to a bigger "house".  
 I love the pretty shells the hermit crabs are residing in. ^_^

More discovery? Let's check them out!

Look what I am holding in my hand? It's slimy and soft. 

Answer: It is actually a Sea Cucumber!

We kept our heads down and eyes on the sand, hoping to spot something as we walked. I must admit Hubby really has super sonic eyes to be able to see this little crab (~1cm) against the white sand! I need to do multiple zoom on my camera to capture this!
 The children enjoyed their walk even though it was drizzling. Everyone got excited whenever something new was uncovered.

 Here's another "Amazing" finding - Moon snail egg case.

Colourful sea cucumber alike, more moon snail egg case and sea hares!

This purple, blue-coloured creature captures our sight immediately but none of us dare to touch it as we aren't sure if it is poisonous. According to our guide, this striking colour beauty is a Naked Nudibranch.

I think we have increased our knowledge bank today learning more about these little creatures!

The rain finally stopped! Denver & Gladys did not mind their shoes and feet getting wet. They were so occupied and curious by what they were about to find and see!

Here's another percular one that we saw - Sea Squirt. Our guide demostrated how the water is being squirted out by pressing the body of the sea squirt. Denver was equally amused and amazed.

We went back to have a peek at the starfish and found a hairy, "spider-like" body starfish call the Brittle Starfish. Look at its long, slender arms!

If my memory did not fail me, this should be the Noble Volute and its egg shell. Noble Volute are actually snails and their shells are very beautiful! Unfortunately, it seems they are being collected for food and its attractive shell.

We have not come to the end of our wetlands tour yet! There are so much more to uncover and more photos which we will share in Part 3!


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wow! the Naked Nudibranch is so pretty! :D

Phoebe said...

Oh yes! It is a Beauty! Just that it looks pretty poisonous to me :p

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sea food ..hahahahahahaa

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