Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ Sentosa Flowers 2012 (春节花会) ~

Today is the 5th day of Lunar New Year and we finally made our trip down to visit Sentosa Flowers 2012 before it ends on Sunday. The rain has stopped but the sky remains gloomy. Thankfully, we managed to capture a couple of nice photos.

There was still a crowd at Sentosa Flowers and we need to be patient to wait for our turn for photo taking. Alternatively, we took the pictures at a different angle. Denver & Gladys were very bubbly and smiley today and they did many cute poses. Simply adorable! ^_^ 

Dragons of all shapes and sizes can be seen everywhere to welcome the Year of the Dragon! 

The golden majestic dragon at the Bull Ring!

The giant auspicious dragons made up of 200 over lanterns took the sky in the Forum. It lights up brightly as night falls.

Like previous years, fresh floral dragon decorations are beautifully displayed at the FestiveWalk. We were a little disappointed not able to see the 12 Zodiac this year though.

More floral display at Merlion Plaza. We 'entered' the Dragon Gate and was brought into the Sea World with fishes and octopus.

Gladys - confident and cheeky

More floral zodiac dragon displays!

Dragon sandart beautifully crafted and displayed at the Imbiah Lookout.

Since CNY always falls very closely to Valentine's Day, there always seems to have a theme for couples to take photos with their love ones. I also took a picture with Denver. ^_^

The children love Dinoland most and not afraid of getting close to the beautifully decorated floral dragons.

Spring is in the air as we see flower beds everywhere. It would be better to visit Sentosa Flowers earlier as some flowers have started to wither.

Gladys never forgets to leave her wish note at the Tree of Life! She wrote the same New Year resolution on the paper, hoping to be an artist! Daddy helped her to hang her wish high up on a tree branch.

This year, apart from the dragons, Sentosa Flowers also has a theme of Sea World with fishes, crabs, jellyfish being spotted. Maybe this is because it is the year of the Water Dragon. ^_^

Sentosa is blossoming with florals and it would be a great place to enjoy the Spring with your family!


the Charioteer said...

wow nice New Year decorations! love the dragon! :D

Phoebe said...

Yes! It's pretty nice!

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