Friday, February 3, 2012

~ Sunday walk along Sentosa Boardwalk ~

During the December holidays, we embarked on an Elephant Parade trail and visited many places. One of such places is taking a Sunday morning stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk.

Since it's opening, Sentosa Boardwalk has offer an alternative option for visitors to enter Sentosa island. Apart from driving in, via the cable car or the light rail, you can take a leisure stroll from VivoCity shopping mall into Sentosa conveniently along the two-way canopy-covered travelators, sheltering visitors from the scorching sun or during a rainy day.  

There are 5 two-ways sheltered travelators, each named with a different theme (Mangrove, Rock Garden, Terrain & Hill, Coastal Flora, Tropical Rainforest), very convenient and helpful for guests who are unable to walk through the ~700m boardwalk.

Ticketing counter is located at the end of the Sentosa Boardwalk. Visitors can purchase their tickets here to enter Sentosa island.

Operating Hours:
Travelators: 7am to 12mn, daily
Ticketing Booths: 9am - 6pm, daily

Admission fees: S$1/entry per person.

For us, it was our morning walk and a pleasure to view the scenary, taking a sneak peak of Resort World Sentosa while travelling on the travelators. We took pictures along the way and the kiddos have a lot of walking and running space.  ^_^

Star Cruise - Hubby & I gazed and pondered when is our virgin cruise. :) 

We made a u-turn back and did not enter Sentosa which kind of disappoints Gladys a bit. She rested her feet while admiring the island from afar.....

Even if you do not have intentions to go to Sentosa, Sentosa Boardwalk is a nice place to be to enjoy the sea breeze, rest your body and mind after a hard day's work, or take a stroll with your love ones in the evening, after a nice dinner to enjoy the night scenery. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Crane Dance which we have failed to do so despite multiple attempts. :)


--andy-- said...

I still want to bring my kids to watch the crane dance. Boardwalk offers another spot to capture the night-lights.
Have you gone to USS after hours before? Can watch the fireworks at 9pm too.

Phoebe said...

We attempted twice to watch the Crane dance last year and only got disappointed twice as it seems to be closed due to technical issues. :( Want to try again.. but worry get disappointed for the 3rd time.

Havent gone to USS after hours. Maybe find one night may go if Barry is keen enough. hehehhe

Unknown said...

Hiya! Thought I'd pop by your blog before we have the Greenwich thingy this Sat! ;)

I had a mini-Staycation at Sentosa, and it was so so fun! You can consider this too!

Phoebe said...


Thank you for popping by! Looking forward to meeting you this Sat and have fun together :)


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