Saturday, February 18, 2012

~ The Greenwich V Experience - Featured Shops ~

It was a priviledge to go around the shops within Greenwich V, taking photos, sampling the food and experiencing the services provided within the mall.

I'm going to cover 3 of the 10 featured shops that we combed during our amazing race last weekend. :)

1) Gong Cha  (贡茶)

The craze over bubble tea is on the heat again. I'm sure many are familiar with Gong Cha, an established brand originating from Taiwan. I vividly remember my first cup of Gong Cha's tea (bought for me by dearest hubby) was the Ali Shan Milk Tea. A layer of milk sets on top of the tea, instead of blending in together. It's one of the speciality which makes it special from the other milk tea available in the market.

During the grand opening, we also tried the Camellia Tea and Lemon Kumquat Juice at a promotional price.

As recommended by the service staff, we decided to go with 100% sweetness to ease the bitterness of the tea. Great choice indeed and the children enjoyed the crystal jelly!

For those who loves sour drinks, you can try the Lemon Kumquat Juice which goes with Konjac Jelly. Nice combination to enjoy and quench our thirst in the hot weather.

Our kiddos love bubble tea!

2) Prima Deli

Whenever we walked pass Prima Deli, our children would think of Waffles! You can smell the fragrant aroma a few metres away, which is so tempting! It's not surprising to see a queue at their outlets just for their yummy-licious waffles.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff at Prima Deli, as the kiddos crowd around to see how the waffle is made. The batter is spooned over the machine, spread nicely and evenly before the surface is being covered. The pandan flavoured batter oozing out of the waffle-maker as we waited.

There are various spread available for the waffle. Chocolate flavour got the children's vote, while our friendly staff recommends the butter spread. We decided to let the kiddos try both flavours on one waffle! Cool!!

How does it taste? Denver & Gladys LOVE it! My boy even said that he wants to try the butter spread waffle next time instead of chocolate, which is his favourite!

1) Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Somehow I am so used to calling Coffee Bean that I forgot it's full name is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. :) CBTL's cakes look good and it is just nice to go with your coffee or tea at any time of the day.

We had the opportunity to sample their Tropical Passion Tea using their single serve beverage machine. With just one touch, it can brew coffee, tea and other speciality drinks! Designed by Caffitaly System, it comes in vibrant colours with easy capsule insertion and automatic ejection. The large capsule drawer can hold up to 10 used capsules.

Hubby enjoying his warm cup of tea, sipping it as we take a little break admist our race.

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Greenwich V is already opened and the carnival continues this weekend (18th-19th Feb 2012). If you have not visit the mall yet, don't miss the free ice-cream, popcorn, candy floss and many more!

Address :1 Seletar Road, Singapore 807011
By Bus :70, 70M, 103, 854, 86, 163
By Taxi / Car :Turn into Greenwich V via Seletar Road

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