Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~ My favourite Pasar Malam in JB ~

One of the main reason why we drove in to Malaysia on a Monday is because of the Pasar Malam (night market) located near KSL City Mall. The street behind Grand Paragon Hotel is cordoned off, lined with mobile vendors and it stretches all the way to the back of KSL.

Stalls are set up in the late afternoon (around 4pm) and through the night selling all kinds of assorted food and items! From live seafood, chicken to cooked food, kuehs and dessert! You will be over-whelmed with its variety and probably won't be able to catch this scene in Singapore.

Based on our previous experience, we learnt our lesson and went there with an empty stomach! Be prepared to squeeze your way through the crowd as it is a very popular spot! (Strollers are not advisable in the night market!)

We settled our dinner by munching our way through the various stalls! You simply cannot resist the temptation to try out some of the local food. Just the thought of it now still makes me drool.... The roasted duck and meat is not to be missed! Our favourite and a MUST-eat whenever we are there!

Fried carrot cake - eating it while it's still hot! You will probably guess which stall sells tastier carrot cake by looking at the number of people waiting for their food. :)

Another one of our favourite! Dou Hua (豆花) in brown sugar! Smooth, sweet and cheap!

We tried the Hong Kong Salt Baked Chicken but I didn't find it to my liking as it was too salty. :)

Freshly baked buns and assorted kuehs. The children's favourite!

Our desserts for the day - Yummy, delicious cakes!

Apart from the local delicacies, you can find clothing, toys, watches, utensils, shoes and live fishes. It looks like a combination of wet market and hawkers all gathering together along this street.

You can easily spend hours at this pasar malam to have a feel of the local culture and try out all kinds of food at a very economical price. It is a very interesting sight to see, especially the mobile vendors setting up their stalls just outside other people's home and none seems to be complaining. ^_^

Currently, the night market operates every Monday (near KSL City Mall). If you are touring or shopping around the area, it will be a great idea to drop by to feel the heat and taste the food!


DerrickTan said...

wow I didn't know that! I only go to the Da Ma Ba Sha to eat. Now I will go on Monday instead.

Phoebe said...

Yar.. Quite happening there! It is our 2nd visit. If you go there on Monday, do pop by. Remember to go with an empty stomach so that you can try more variety of food. ^_^

--andy-- said...

both of you blog about JB, thought your families went together. Phoebe, please organnise one more trip for Johnny and Andy families ok :)

Phoebe said...

hahah.. just concidental that we blogged about it around the same day. :p Will see which day is a good time to go.. ^_^ If want to see Pasar Malam has to go on weekday oh...which would be challenging for schooling kiddos.

~ andre said...

On Tuesdays, the Pasir Malam is near Pelangi Plaza

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