Sunday, January 1, 2012

~ Hello 2012! Last Countdown Party @ Harmony Square ~

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's 2012 and we had a great 2011! As per previous years, we went down to Harmony Square for the countdown party! Mark Lee and Lim Ru Ping were here to host the event with Taufik, Hardy, Hui Ge and many others as the performing artists.

There are free popcorn, candy floss and packets of peanuts. Not to forget the stalls selling drinks, games, balloons and other assorted items.

Our MP, Michael Palmer was the guest-of-honour for tonight and I am sad to learn that this would be our last countdown party @ Harmony Square as the space will be use for other future developments. :( There have been numerous parties and events being held at the hardcourt (National Day, Movie under the star, Countdown parties) which brought so much fun for the Punggol East community living nearby. It is definitely a loss for us. Nevertheless, we look forward on the future happenings in the area.

While there are wishing spheres at Marina Bay, we have wishing lanterns at Punggol East! ^_^  A couple of 'fire' lanterns went up the sky filled with wishes written for the New Year!

The children joined me in the countdown for 2012. Denver assisted me with the video of the fireworks while I attempt to take some photos of the fireworks.

10 .. 9 .. 8 .. 7 .. 6 .. 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(Video taken by Denver - his first attempt)

Fireworks is always the main highlight of the countdown party and we are glad to witness and be part of the final fireworks display at Harmony Square which lasted for 5 minutes.

Farewell 2011 ..... Hello 2012!!


--andy-- said...

I believe your neighbours will be missing Harmony Square :)
Happy 2012 to you and Family !

Phoebe said...

Yes!! We had so much fun there.. fireworks, free popcorn, movies.... it was a playground for us. Will miss it dearly

Phoebe said...

Hi LuPorTi!
Happy New Year to you & family too! Many thanks for your support ^_^

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