Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Laser Battle - Johor Bahru City Square

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Johor Bahru City Square is a haven for many Singaporeans to shop and dine. But do you know that you can also engage in laser tag games with your family or friends within the mall? Located on the 4th floor within the InnerCity zone, Laser Battle has received many groups who participated in this physically and intellectually intensive game.

I was a little skeptical at first but relented after multiple requests from the kiddos. We walked in to understand how the game was played.

1) You can choose to play 2 or 3 games at RM38 or RM48 per pax respectively.
2) "Standard Solo" is recommended for first timer. Afterwhich, you can base on your comfort level to choose your style of game.
3) Every game last about 10 minutes (Initially, I thought 10 minutes for a game was too short... but when you are actually in the game, it really tires me out and I felt as if I had ran for very long.)
4) Pick your colour vest. (Colours helped to identify your team mates in group games)
5) Unlike paintball, which tends to be more painful, laser guns are used.
6) You need to use 2 hands to hold the gun. (While it look stylish to hold the laser gun using one hand, it does not work to 'shoot' your opponent)
7) Position yourself into the game zone (which looks like a maze) and get ready to shoot.
8) Points will be accumulated and calculated once you hit your opponent.

Not only is this a test of wits and reflexes, it is also physically intensive to run for cover. Blame on my lack of exercise, I was totally exhausted after the first game. Luckily we had a 10 minutes break, sitting down to observe the next group's turn to play before commencing in our second game. By the time we completed the 3 games, I felt totally flat! I must admit it was a great workout for me in the midst of the excitement.

Let's hear it from our boy and how he felt about his experience playing Laser Battle.

We spotted Laser Battle during our previous visit to Johor Bahru a couple of months ago. Ever since then, I always wanted to have a game there. After spending a long time bugging my parents, they finally relented and at last we got to have our very first laser tag battle! I was on cloud nine and was pumped to try it out.

There are many different kinds of battles you and your family/friends can engage in; such as Standard Solo, Standard Team, Capture the Flag, Base Flag, Midnight Madness and more! As it was our first time, the staff recommended us to try out Standard Solo which is a free-for-all kind of game followed by Standard Team which allows us to work together in pairs and battle against our opponents. The objective is to score as many points as possible by shooting your opponent(s) at the shoulder, front, phasor (guns) or the back to win.

We were led into a room where we picked our laser guns and wear our vests. Each has a name and classified by its colour.

When we are ready, it is time to go into the maze and get ready for battle! We had ten minutes to score as many points before the time runs out. Adrenaline constantly pumped into my veins and I did not have time to rest at all! Everyone had to run at all times and it was so exhausting that up to the point we were gasping for breath! Once you stopped, there is always a possibility of being targeted.

Here is my sister after being tagged. Do note that you will not be able to shoot for about 5 seconds after being tagged. This is your most vulnerable moment and it is wiser to run away before getting ready for another counter attack.

As the maze is not brightly lighted, the lights on our vest felt like a beacon attracting a lot of attention. If your team is game enough, you may want to consider Midnight Madness where the lights will all be out and everyone will be 'hunting' in darkness!

After every game, we had a few minutes break. While waiting for our turn, we get to watch others to play via a screen. Scores are also tabulated and reflected on the screen and we get to see who scored the highest for accuracy and tag ratio.

Laser Battle is FUN and it has been a unique experience for me. I like its concept as it felt realistic. I would love to be back for another round of Laser Tag!

Laser Battle
Address: 4th Floor, InnerCity, Johor Bahru City Square, 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, Johor 80000


Unknown said...

Johor seems to have everything! And at like half the price compared to Singapore I guess? (Not sure how much laser tag costs in Singapore since my kids are too young for it.)

Phoebe said...

JB does have a lot of cool stuff at a lower price compared to Singapore. The well - known ones are Legoland, ANgry bird park etc. but there are a lot more fun within the vicinity. The only consideration is transport and how to get there. I am also not too sure how much laser tag in SG cost. :)

lady J said...

Ooh laser tag! Gotta head there when Bubba is older as it looks more fun for the kids then the adults. I ended up being the target! Hope that didn't happen to you! :)

Adeline said...

Wah you really have gone to quite a bit of places in Johor! I've never played laser tag before, but it sure looks fun, and definitely less painful than paintball. So nice that your kids are older and can play these kinds of games with you both. :)

Susan said...

How fun! I remember playing that when I was younger and it was in Marina Squate or Cineleisure I think. Can foresee us doing this when my girl is older.

Unknown said...

Laser tag in sg is about the same price (or even cheaper if u have the right cards).. In sg, if you are a HomeTeamNS member, it's just SGD$4 per game..

Phoebe said...

I lost my stamina with the kids. But it is very exciting to play!

Phoebe said...

Thanks Delia for sharing! What is the rate for public? Would love to check this out as my kids love laser tags. :)

Laser Tag Game said...

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