Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bali Coconut (KSL City Mall)

Whenever we are at KSL Mall, we will not miss buying some coconut drinks from Bali Coconut to quench our thirst. Located at the basement level (LG) - not far away from Tesco, this stall only sells refreshing and cooling coconut drinks at RM5.

It is also an art to see these guys at work. Picking up a coconut, they use a machete or parang-like knife and swiftly chop the sides of the coconut (without chopping through the coconut flesh). 

After which, they use another knife to scrap off the sides of the coconut revealing the white flesh of the coconut ball. The action looked as if they are shaving hair. Next, they turn over the coconut and 'plop', the coconut ball pops into the plastic container! Every move is with such precision leaving the coconut juice intact within the coconut flesh!

Many took videos and photos of them at work and they are friendly and not camera shy. Out of curiosity, I asked how many coconuts they can chop in a day which pretty much depends on the weather. On average, they can chop about 50-60 coconuts hourly and on good days, they can sell more than 800 coconuts! Business is brisk on weekends particularly during hot weather.

We love the coconut drink here even though it is not icy cold. The flesh is tender, soft and smooth, and we saved the trouble of using a spoon to scrap off the flesh from the husk. This is so far the most convenient way of enjoying my coconut drink and savour the flesh without any hassle.

Bali Coconut (KSL City)
Address: LG, 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia 
GPS: 1.486196, 103.76279

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